"Work and Life with the Cloud" is the keynote theme for CeBIT 2011

Date: Fri, 09/03/2010 - 12:41

"Work and Life with the Cloud" is the keynote theme for CeBIT 2011

CeBIT 2011, which will take place March 1-5, 2011, in Hannover, Germany, has announced "Work and Life with the Cloud" as its keynote theme

Currently no other IT topic is as hotly debated as this major IT growth market, and leading experts expect the Cloud to assert itself across the board in the coming years. "Cloud computing is gathering speed and is well on its way to revolutionizing the entire IT sector," declared Ernst Raue, Member of the Board at Deutsche Messe, the organizer of CeBIT. According to the market research and consulting firm Gartner, global revenues for Cloud services will reach USD 68.3 billion in 2010 - a growth rate of 16.6 percent year on year - and USD 148.8 billion by 2014. 

Cloud computing stimulates markets
High bandwidths and increasingly easy Internet access via mobile end devices are the essential drivers of Cloud computing. Growing demand for Cloud offerings will dictate that many IT enterprises significantly restructure their business processes.  Accordingly, experts predict a sea change in the international IT sector that will subsequently lead to far-reaching changes in the associated user industries.
"Providers of IT solutions and services are challenged to revise their business models and take advantage of the enormous potential offered by Cloud computing," commented Raue. "With its slogan of 'Work and Life with the Cloud', CeBIT 2011 offers an ideal platform for highlighting Cloud concepts and informing visitors about the myriad application opportunities in both the business and private spheres," he concluded.
Visitors at CeBIT will gain a comprehensive overview of Cloud applications and services already on the market while experiencing best-practice examples from industry as presented at numerous exhibits and forums.
CeBIT 2011 will also spotlight Cloud services for consumers.  Visitors can learn about the essentials of using such services - including how to work with them safely and responsibly - and which innovations will be available soon. Cloud applications already enjoy broad acceptance among consumers: for many users it is now common to share photos and videos over the Internet; maintain a personal profile in social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn; and create, exchange and store documents via the Web.

Cloud computing: a brief description
Cloud Computing refers to the dynamic provision and use of IT hardware, software and services via a network.  In many cases the Internet is the network. Users no longer operate their IT landscape locally; instead they lease it remotely from one or more external providers. As a result, organizations of all sizes can considerably reduce IT expenditures while increasing overall flexibility. They also profit from reduced administrative overhead and enhanced mobility, and additional savings are gained from straight usage-based billing. On-demand services allow companies to eliminate expensive overcapacity and adapt quickly to seasonal fluctuations, changing market circumstances, etc.

Above, Ernst Raue, Member of the Board at Deutsche Messe

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