“CeBIT lab” becomes “Research and Innovation”

Date: Wed, 01/29/2014 - 18:17

“CeBIT lab” becomes “Research and Innovation”

Laboratory showing the future of the digital world opens in March

Research and development will continue to play a prominent role at CeBIT – albeit under a new name. In March 2014 the existing display category “CeBIT lab” will be transformed into “Research and Innovation”. “By grouping together eight topic clusters and six special displays geared to selected target audiences we are pressing ahead with the professionalization of CeBIT,” emphasizes Oliver Frese, the member of the Managing Board responsible for CeBIT. “In this way we will provide clear guidance for exhibitors and visitors and enhance the status of CeBIT as the most important event for the digital world.” Also new as of 2014: CeBIT will be held from Monday thru Friday, March 10 to 14.
In the spring of 2014 the topic cluster “Research and Innovation” will function as the “future laboratory” for the digital world. “The ICT sector depends on innovation and creativity. In the face of international competition, new research findings, innovative strategic approaches, visions for the future and cool ideas play an indispensable role,” explained Frese. “The new CeBIT exhibit category ‘Research and Innovation’ serves as an interface between new ideas and real-world business applications.”

One in three visitors is interested in scientific research
Located in Hall 9, “Research and Innovation” will bring together research organizations, universities, start-ups, spin-offs as well as company research departments. In 2013 “CeBIT lab” (as it was then called) was a top attraction. One visitor in three attended this exhibit highlight.

“future talk” gives detailed insights into tomorrow's technologies
Featuring presentations, social events, prize awards and panel discussions, “future talk” will be the communicative centerpiece of Research and Innovation. From Monday thru Friday institutes, research centers, universities and business enterprises will present their versions of tomorrow’s world. The focus will be on key issues such as Datability, Smart Data, Open Data, Responsibility, Privacy, Data Protection and Data Security. The lectures and discussions will center on Industry 4.0, Visual Computing, 3D Internet, Mobile Web, Standardization, Multimodal eLearning and Recruitment.

Hall 9 presents the winners of the CeBIT Innovation Award
The Research and Innovation program will also include the presentation of the CeBIT Innovation Awards for 2014. Subtitled “Innovations at the Human-IT Interface”, the competition is being staged jointly by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Deutsche Messe AG. “We are very impressed by the numerous creative ideas and technologically sophisticated solutions submitted by the entrants,” said Oliver Frese, who also sits on the jury. “CeBIT attendees can look forward to a fascinating presentation which demonstrates the unique potential of young German researchers.”

CeBIT Global Conferences
The CeBIT Global Conferences will take place in the immediate vicinity of “Research and Innovation” in Hall 9. For the first time this leading international conference event will be held in a dedicated exhibition hall (Hall 8). More than 100 speakers from all over the globe will contribute to the 70-hour program, which is targeted at experienced users as well as newcomers to the IT industry. Consisting of various formats, the CeBIT Global Conferences will address the key issues confronting the digital economy. For example, Talmon Marco (CEO of the VoIP software supplier Viber) and Bryan Trussel (CEO of the location-based service provider Glympse), will give fascinating insights into future developments.

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