Thomson’s innovations enhance Comcast’s offerings for the Digital Home

Date: Tue, 07/28/2009 - 11:22

Thomson develops groundbreaking Advanced Cable Gateways for new broadband services and supports Comcast in the deployment of Digital Transport Adaptors (DTA)

Thomson’s innovations enhance Comcast’s offerings for the Digital Home

Thomson, a worldwide leader of services to content creators, today announced an agreement with Comcast, the leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products and services in the U.S., to bring to market the next generation of broadband Internet and digital communications services with Advanced Cable Gateways devices.
Conceived as a home networking and communications hub, this platform allows Comcast to provide state-of the art digital voice and data services to its customers – including using enhanced cordless telephone handsets to view email, manage voice mail, read news, weather, and sports, and to click-to-call from a universal address book powered by Plaxo, business directory, or call logs.
Frédéric Rose, Chairman and CEO of Thomson commented: “We are looking forward to the introduction of the Advanced Cable Gateway, a device at the centre of the digital connected home which will allow users to connect to and control multiple devices over their Comcast wireless home network. Innovation has always been at the heart of Thomson and these developments demonstrate our ability to make technology work to improve the businesses and lives of our clients and of the end users, throughout their needs today and tomorrow.”
“Thomson’s highly innovative Advanced Cable Gateway devices are a central part of our roll-out of enhanced digital communications services. Thomson’s gateways add functionality and features beyond that of traditional offerings,” said Tony Werner, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Comcast. “The new device will enable Comcast to offer a whole new level of services to our subscribers. We will thus not only be improving the phone services within the home, but expanding the visual experience beyond the TV and PC.”
Comcast and Thomson expect to start deploying the Advanced Cable Gateway in the third quarter of 2009. 
As a long-term supplier, Thomson also provides Comcast with a variety of residential broadband products including data and VoIP cable modems. 
As announced in July 2008, Thomson entered last year the US cable video market by developing Digital Transport Adaptors (DTA) for Comcast. These DTAs that Comcast will be rolling out in the coming weeks are one-way devices that enable cable operators to move quickly and cost-efficiently to all-digital infrastructures by delivering digital-quality video and audio service to existing analog cable customers. The DTA, conceived to be completely user-friendly (easy to use, small and “plug and play”), is one of the less expensive ways cable operators will be able to deliver standard definition programs following the broadcast digital transition.
Thomson is currently working on the second generation of DTA, which will be smaller than a PDA and fully environmentally friendly.

Platform for Delivery of Advanced Services
Using DECT technology, Thomson’s innovative Advanced Cable Gateway enables faster, easier deployment of multi-line and personalized digital telephony services. An innovative and future-proof platform, the gateway and its associated handsets include rich interfaces which support easy software updates that will enable Comcast to perform field upgrades and deploy additional services quickly and effectively.  It will also bring the residential digital communications experience closer to what mobile phone users expect from smart phones, at a fraction of the cost.

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