Intel joins Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) board of directors

Date: Wed, 07/17/2013 - 10:48

Takes active role by supporting technical specifications and standards that help to fuel an ecosystem of innovative, interoperable charging solutions
Intel joins Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) board of directors

Alliance for Wireless Power at Pep Com 2013, Barcelona


The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) recently announced that Intel has joined the A4WP with a board of directors seat. Intel joins existing A4WP board
member companies including Broadcom, Gill Industries, Integrated Device Technology (IDT), Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics.
“We welcome Intel’s contribution and collaboration to create and deliver new capabilities enabled by the next-generation wireless power transfer (WPT) technology based on the A4WP technical and interoperability specifications,” said Dr. Kamil A. Grajski, A4WP president and board chair.
A4WP technology, which uses near-field magnetic resonance technology, is uniquely capable of enabling the simultaneous charging of multiple devices and the flexible positioning of devices to be charged in multiple dimensions and at power levels and charging times that meet consumer expectations.
“Intel believes the A4WP specification, particularly the use of near-field magnetic resonance technology, can provide a compelling consumer experience and enable new usage models that make device charging almost automatic,” said Navin Shenoy, vice president, PC client group and general manager, mobile client platform division at Intel. “In joining A4WP, we look forward to working alongside other member companies and contributing to standards that help fuel an ecosystem of innovative solutions capable of simultaneously charging a range of devices, from low-power accessories to smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks.”
The A4WP is an independent standards organization composed of more than 40 global, technology industry leaders. A4WP’s technical specification benefits both industry and consumers alike. Specifically, the A4WP specification leverages broadly adopted wireless technologies (e.g. Bluetooth Low Energy), which simplifies development and manufacturing.
For industrial designers, the A4WP specification utilizes a near-field magnetic resonance technology that provides increased flexibility for charging solutions to be installed into all types of products and surfaces (cars, furniture, etc.). Finally, for consumers, the A4WP specification supports simultaneous charging of multiple devices with widely differing power requirements and it delivers “spatial freedom,” which lets consumers “drop & go” multiple devices onto a charging surface - without having to hassle with accurate positioning or alignment.

About The Alliance for Wireless Power
The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) is an international industry association whose purpose is to create a wireless power transfer (WPT) ecosystem that delivers spatial freedom in the user experience and industrial design of wireless battery charging of portable consumer electronics devices, including cellphones, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and more. The overall vision is that of Ubiquitous Power based on non-radiative, near-field magnetic resonance WPT.
The A4WP mission includes development of industry specifications for submission to national and international standards development organizations, management of an A4WP Certification program, including consumer-recognizable certification logo, and the coordination with national and international Regulatory agencies regarding WPT policy and compliance.


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