Strategy Analytics: Femtocell radio components set for growth

Date: Thu, 11/25/2010 - 19:33 Source:

Strategy Analytics press department

Shipments triple in 2010
Strategy Analytics: Femtocell radio components set for growth FemtoZone at Mobile World Congress 2010

According to the Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Component market research service, shipments of femtocells, used for improved cellular coverage, are on track to reach almost two million units this year, creating opportunities for radio components over the next five years.  The report, “Small is Beautiful: Femtocells Set To Grow with New Applications,” explores the future market for RF power amplifiers (PAs), transceivers and basebands in femtocells.
According to Christopher Taylor, author of the report, “So far, demand has come from consumers with poor indoor cellular coverage, but in the future, an increasing proportion of femtocells will go into small-to-medium sized enterprises and public access applications, the traditional realm of picocells and microcells.”
Eric Higham, Director of the Gallium Arsenide and Compound Semiconductor market research service at Strategy Analytics, noted, “Femtocells require PAs with similar frequency bands and RF output levels to PAs for cell phones, and the femtocell market will grow into an attractive niche market for GaAs power amps, which have a proven track record of performance and reliability in cell phones."

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