KT to introduce Spider Laptop, an upgraded version of the smart phone, at IFA

Date: Mon, 09/03/2012 - 12:00

More convenient user experience from the larger screen and keyboard compared to the smaller screen and touch-interface of the smart phone 
KT to introduce Spider Laptop, an upgraded version of the smart phone, at IFA

Spider Laptop

Image credited to KT

KT Chairman and CEO Lee Suk-Chae announced the unveiling of Spider Laptop that allows new user experience from a wider screen through connection with the smart phone at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) 2012 held from August 31 through September 5, in Berlin, Germany.
Though the smart phone has come close to PC in terms of the hardware performance, the users were not able to make full use of various functions and services provided by the smart phone due to small screen, touch interface and low capacity of battery.
Spider Laptop is not just any old smart phone. It can be connected to the smart phone with one cable and provide more convenient user experiences through 11-inch (1366*768) screen and keyboard. Spider Laptop is especially of conveniently portable size and lightweight, requiring no CPU(central processing unit), OS(operating system) and RAM(memory).
Not only Spider Laptop facilitates the long hour of office work and multimedia playing with its high capacity 8000mA battery, which is about four times that of the latest smart phone, but it also charges the smart phone connected. In addition, Spider Laptop can provide a perfect mobile office environment linked with KT's u-cloud service for office workers and students who often use e-mail and office programs.
Spider Laptop solves many problems including high costs of purchasing multiple IT devices such as a smart phone, a tablet PC and a laptop. It also relieves difficulties in carrying multiple IT devices and managing data. KT expects that Spider Laptop will help the company to improve the work efficiency and reduce costs by providing Spider Laptop to its employees with a lot of outside duty, instead of the expensive and heavyweight laptop.
KT has already received worldwide attention by launching Spider Phone that can be transformed into various IT devices through connections with Kits at the last year’s IFA.
While the previous Spider Phone and other global manufacturer's similar products are applicable to specific smart phone, Spider Laptop unveiled at this year’s IFA can be connected to all kinds of smart phone and the laptop will come with various models.
KT has developed a software, which runs on Android ICS(ice-cream sandwich) OS or later and fully supports the smart phone and the laptop with one MHL cable, and acquired an official approval from Google. Currently, KT applied for a patent on this technology.
KT and Samsung closely cooperated to set the latest Galaxy S III LTE as the first smart phone working as the brain power behind Spider Laptop from the early stage of software development. Customers can use all features of Spider Laptop by simply purchasing Galaxy S III LTE from KT, getting a firmware upgrade over the wireless and connecting it with Spider Laptop.
“Unlike conventional products that can be connected to specific terminal provided by specific manufacturer, Spider Laptop can be connected to various smart phones and laptops and consequently it will be the very first step for hardware eco-system led by the telecommunication company“, said Park Yoon-Young, the Senior Vice President of KT technology development department, who is responsible for this project. “The launch of products comes in various designs with full features will benefit customers who wants to make more smart use of IT devices", he added.
Spider Laptop is available on www.olleh.com from August 29 and currently, the luxurious model type 1 made of metal comes at 297,000 won.
KT plans to further launch a low-priced model and cooperate with many manufacturers to introduce various versions of Spider Laptop. Also, KT will continue to expand the smart phone model that can be connected to Spider Laptop.
Upon this unveiling of Spider Laptop at IFA 2012, KT plans to promote cooperation with many global telecommunication companies for Spider Laptop service.

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