Samsung announces operation of its memory facility in Xi’an, China

Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd., a global leader in memory semiconductor technology, announced that its memory fabrication line in Xi'an China has begun full-scale manufacturing operations. The new facility will manufacture Samsung's advanced NAND flash memory chips: 3D V-NAND
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New step towards 'wonder material' graphene applications

Researchers of the AMBER centre in Dublin have developed a new process to mass produce graphene-based material. The method – which promises to be simple and affordable – could be used by industries for applications such as highly efficient batteries

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Facebook to acquire Oculus

Acquisition positions Facebook to accelerate Oculus’ growth in gaming, communications and new social experiences more
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3D image sensor: Infineon enables easy smartphone unlock by face recognition

One megatrend feature in mobile communications is to unlock smartphones by 3D face recognition instead of fingerprint or PIN. Making authentication more convenient and more secure, it may soon become indispensable for mobile payment applications and mobile ID

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Dubai Civil Defence boosts drone capabilities to enhance public safety with Avaya

DCD demonstrated how it’s deploying drone-based video solutions to transform emergency response services more
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EU gateone-project helps european industry mitigate risks when adopting disruptive technologies

Led by Blumorpho, gateone has helped 100 companies move innovation projects forward and readied 35 smart tech products for market entry; 15 more will follow. F&P robotics, Nissatech and itk feature among new smart technology market entrants

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Zebra study reveals one-half of manufacturers globally to adopt wearable tech by 2022

Majority of surveyed manufacturers to embrace Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to improve quality and operational visibility more
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Oculus Rift, HTC Vive & Sony PlayStation VR will dominate $895 million virtual reality headset market in 2016

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics global virtual reality headset revenues will reach $895 million in 2016 with 77% of that value accounted for by newly launched premium devices from Oculus, HTC and Sony. These three brands however will only account for 13% of volumes in 2016 as lower priced smartphone-based devices will dominate share of the 12.8 million unit virtual reality headset market

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Apple, Google, Microsoft battle for enterprise-owned tablet market

Making up 20% of Global tablet market by 2018 more
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