Broadcom launches digital broadcast conversion technology for global markets

Date: Mon, 09/12/2011 - 17:11

Broadcom Corporation, a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications, announced its 40nm HD Cross-Platform Global Digital TV Transport Adapter (DTA) system-on-a-chip (SoC) product family

Broadcom launches digital broadcast conversion technology for global markets Image credited to IBC

By converting TV programming from analog to digital, Broadcom is paving the way for the expanded network capacity that operators require in order to deliver more interactive HDTV programming and services around the globe.

Industry Trends:
o Emerging Markets Go Digital: pay-TV subscribers in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) markets are projected to reach half a billion by 2016 with approximately 75 percent on digital platforms*.
o Global Cable Markets Demand Digital: the percentage of cable TV subscribers worldwide receiving digital signals is expected to grow from 44 percent in 2010 to 79 percent in 2016*.
o Cross-Platform Deployment: the same software design platform can be leveraged to address multiple pay-TV markets (cable, satellite, terrestrial and hybrid IP) for lower costs, less complexity and faster time-to-market.
o Pin-pin compatible while adding interoperability with the BCM7358 DVB_S2 HD satellite STB.
o Going Green – reduces energy in the home by lowering power consumption with an integrated standby power management controller and AVS (adaptive voltage scaling) technology.

Technology Highlights:
o Broadcom's new highly integrated 40nm DTA product line features the following:
o BCM7542 HD DTA SoC targets ISDB_T broadcasting countries including Japan and S. American.
o BCM7552 HD SoC targets DVB deployed countries including Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.
o BCM7582 HD DTA SoC targets global cable broadcasting markets and features advanced security.
o BCM7592 dual mode HD DTA SoC supports DVB-C, DVB-T and ISDB-T dual mode HD broadcasting, targeting China, India and developing countries.

Dan Marotta, EVP & GM, Broadband Communications Group, Broadcom, said: "With a DTA product family that leverages a single design platform, Broadcom paves the way for cost-effective and rapid digital TV transitions in multiple markets, addressing the growth in pay-TV subscribers in emerging markets."


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