FTTH Forum 2009 Barcelona: the most prestigious panel of speakers

Date: Thu, 04/23/2009 - 10:55

FTTH Forum 2009 Barcelona: the most prestigious panel of speakers

From 2009 may 5 to 7, at Hotel Rafael Diagonal Port, Barcelona

Discover the strategies behind the FTTH deployments; how the regulatory framework is re-defining Incumbent investments once the copper has arrived to their physical limitations. Find-out the new multimedia applications are targeting a combined market of traditional TV and digital and interactive entertainment.
Evolving the network from existing traditional infrastructures to be able to provide the services of the future should focus on enlarging capacity, broadening bandwidth, multiplexing services, and QoS. Now that the core network has been transformed into a broadband network, the key focus on telecommunications operators and service providers is on evolving the access layer.There is the need for the migration of traditional telecommunications services onto the future-oriented broadband network, and to extend traditional services. There is also the need to develop new services on the future network. This evolution should be smooth, seamless, and compatible with traditional and future services. It must also be cost effective.
FTTH Forum http://www.ftthforum.net, will examine the business case on the broad range of "Last Mile" access technologies. We will discuss broadband and wireless access technologies currently pursued by telecommunications service providers. Topics will include technology and business issues surrounding the introduction of FTTH, xDSL, cable, Ethernet, WiFi, WiMax, 3G and beyond in broadband access networks and the types of services they will enable. We will also have case studies on multimedia access  network enabled services on Triple-Play and IPTV, VoIP, VPN and wireless broadband services.
In this conference, we will also discuss how to introduce the future network's architecture into existing telecommunication networks, how to extend and evolve the access network according to services requirements.

Panel of speakers highlighted
For the FTTH Forum 2009 Barcelona, was selected to the most distinguished panel of speakers belonging to operators, manufacturers, regulators, consultants, installers, municipalities, governments and content creators. It can be noted:
- Bernd Langeheine (Director for Communications services : Policy and Regulatory Framework. Directorate-General for Information Society, European Commission)
- Karel Hensen (FTTH Council Europe President)
- Governments: Joan Majo, Josep Ferrer (Generalitat), Nigel Hickson (UK Government)
- Analysts: Benoit Felten (Yankee Group), Stefan Stanislawski (Ventura Team)
- Regulators: Marcel Coderch (CMT VP), Tom Kiedrowski (Ofcom)
- Contacts City: Jordi Lopez (Localret), Dirk van der Woude (Amsterdam)

Finally, a long list of industry representatives including manufacturers like ECI Telecom, Draka, R & D companies such as Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Fenosa as carriers and others for a total of 32 experts who will be starring in probably the most important conference Europe in 2009 on optical access, business models, triple play applications, trends, strategies, investments, regulations and practical case study of the highlights of Holland and Sweden.
During the conference, delegates will discuss:
• FTTx market trends and special drivers for FTTH
• Key Legislative and Regulatory Issues Affecting Fiber Projects
• Challenges, opportunities and business strategies of Municipal Broadband Deployment
• FTTX Operator Business Models, ROI & Case Studies
• Fiber to the Farm" - How to make rural FTTx profitable -
• Content Media and Applications
• Making FTTH commercially viable: Current and future services for FTTH

Special offer from 300 euros on May 6-7 for the readers of telecomkh.com
The VIP code to use when registering is: FTTH2009TELKH 
URL: http://www.ftthforum.net

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