Global telecom experts help students ‘Bridge the Gap’ in Telecommunication and Information

Date: Thu, 01/29/2009 - 20:06

Nokia Siemens Networks forms partnerships with three educational institutions in India
Global telecom experts help students ‘Bridge the Gap’ in Telecommunication and Information

Under its “Uniting communities” program of corporate social responsibility, Nokia Siemens Networks has entered into partnerships with three educational institutions in India to foster communications and information technology skills and opportunities for students. Under its ‘Bridge the Gap’ program, the company will work with Swechha (a non-governmental organization), to roll out networking training, and provide apprenticeship opportunities to students in six New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) Schools. In addition, the company has entered into agreements with the Amity institute of Telecom Technology & Management (AITTM), a part of Amity University, Noida and Institute of Technology & Management (ITM), Gurgaon under which it will provide scholarship opportunities to fourteen deserving students.
Mamta Agarwal, Director Education, NDMC said, “This kind of public private partnership can make a big difference to providing quality education to students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The kind of support provided by Nokia Siemens Networks – which includes theoretical knowledge and practical hands on experience - is just the exposure children here need to get prepared for the opportunities that await them in the coming years.”
“Nokia Siemens Networks is committed to adopting a realistic and sustainable approach to corporate social responsibility. Our programs leverage our expertise in technologies, and reflect our core business. Our aim is to go beyond donations or one-time events, and foster a culture of employee volunteering and thereby to improve education opportunities, and strengthen the talent pipeline in India,” said Michael Kuehner, Head, Nokia Siemens Networks, sub-region India.

Bridge the Gap
The program leverages Nokia Siemens Networks’ expertise in technology training and is implemented at two levels: Nokia Siemens Networks will provide six NDMC schools with access to networking facilities, allowing the schools to participate in the benefits of the information society. The program is a pioneering concept in teaching environmental education, citizenship values as well as apprenticeship skills and technology inputs to students who are otherwise kept away from such experiences.
The program also includes ‘The Saturday Skill School’, which is part of the apprenticeship aspect. Every alternate Saturday, employees of Nokia Siemens Networks will interact with students and impart skills that they could use to earn a livelihood or even grow as individuals. The program will be one of a kind with active hands-on participation by Nokia Siemens Networks in its implementation and sustenance.

University Collaboration
Under its association with AITTM, Amity University and ITM, Nokia Siemens Networks will sponsor 50% of the total annual cost for seven deserving students in each institute. Of these, two scholarships will be awarded to female students under Nokia Siemens Networks’ ‘Women in Technology’ program. In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks will also provide inputs for course development, onsite training, and web based training modules for each institution.

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