Oscar-nominated Avatar editor to deliver keynote address at IBC’s first-ever digital media training workshops

Date: Thu, 09/02/2010 - 13:33

Oscar-nominated Avatar editor to deliver keynote address at IBC’s first-ever digital media training workshops

Future Media Concepts calls on epic storyteller Stephen Rivkin to chronicle his stereoscopic journey through Pandora at Europe’s largest broadcast exhibition

IBC announced that Oscar®-nominated Avatar editor, Stephen Rivkin, will be the keynote speaker at the first-ever IBC Digital Media Training Workshops, held from Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 September. Rivkin’s feature editing career began in 1979 with the low budget romantic comedy The Personals. Soon thereafter, he worked on a variety of TV movies and a mixture of comedy and action films, including Robin Hood: Men in Tights for director Mel Brooks, four films for director Norman Jewison, including: The Hurricane starring Denzel Washington; the action-thriller Swordfish with John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry; and Michael Mann’s bio pic Ali, starring Will Smith. Rivkin achieved monumental success editing the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise from 2003-2007, including two Eddie Award nominations and a win. His career culminated in 2009 with BAFTA and Oscar nominations alongside James Cameron and John Refoua for his revolutionary work on Avatar, the highest-grossing motion picture of all time. Rivkin will discuss the 2½-year challenge he faced while editing Avatar, and present various clips that touch on Performance Capture, Virtual Cameras, 3D, and the stages of shot development and finishing that brought this film to life.
“From start to finish, Avatar was the biggest creative challenge I’ve ever faced - but it opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of filmmaking. Its groundbreaking techniques continue to revolutionize the industry and the FMC Digital Media Training Workshops gives me a fantastic opportunity to share my experiences with industry peers. I look forward to demonstrating the evolution of Avatar with attendees, and am excited to be part of this world-class international event,” says Rivkin.
“We are excited to present post-professionals with the new Digital Media Training Workshops,” comments Ben Kozuch, co-founder, president and workshop chair, FMC. “As always, we wanted to provide our attendees with a keynote speaker that had a deep understanding of the industry’s latest innovations. As the 3D trend continues to grow and infiltrate new mediums, we felt it would make sense to find someone familiar with stereoscopic filmmaking. Stephen is the ‘best of the best’… he worked alongside one of the greatest minds in the industry, James Cameron, to edit what has now revolutionized moviemaking. We are thrilled to welcome him to our newest training event.”
Rivkin’s keynote address, titled: “Editing Avatar: The Creative Challenges,” will be delivered on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at the RAI, Amsterdam in the Emerald Room. It is scheduled to begin promptly at 10:30AM and conclude at 11:30AM. For additional speaker information, please visit:

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