IBC reflects a robust industry

Date: Thu, 09/16/2010 - 18:57

IBC reflects a robust industry

The total attendance for IBC2010 is 48,521, a rise over last year’s attendance of 8.7% – making it the second biggest IBC in history

That figure represents all members of the IBC community, with even stronger growth in exhibition visitors and, particularly, attendees at the conference.
“One of our biggest challenges is in reflecting the way that the industry is changing, with much more focus on strategic decisions about technology and growth,” said Crimp. “With decision-making moving upwards within an organisation, IBC has to be relevant to CEOs who previously might not have had it on their radar.”
“What is most encouraging is that, while our development programme is still a work in progress, CEO level staff are already well represented within the IBC audience and we expect that to increase moving forward,” he added. “That is because we offer a unique experience which allows them to investigate a subject in depth through the exhibition, the conference and the other events which go around them, from unique demonstrations and screenings to networking opportunities.”
The IBC2010 Conference offered a strong mix of stimulating sessions through the four key streams: technology advancements, content creation and innovation, the business of broadcasting and added value. Keynote speakers ranged from Sir Michael Lyons, chairman of the BBC Trust to Kent Novak, senior VP at Texas Instruments. IBC has long devoted a day to digital cinema and stereographic 3D, and this year added a second theme day, covering sports on Saturday 11 September with a keynote from Manolo Romero, managing director of Olympic Broadcasting Services.
Stereographic 3D pioneer Steve Schklair of 3Ality Digital Systems was also a conference keynote speaker. Talking of IBC he said “I like this conference. First of all, this is an amazing facility. And I don’t like to use the word quality because that suggests the others aren’t quality – but IBC really is a quality conference.”
Continuing strength in the industry resulted in a growing demand for exhibition space at IBC2010. More than 1,300 companies were represented on the show floor, with a thirteenth hall added just a few months before the event to accommodate all who wanted to be present. The general feeling from exhibitors was that traffic was high and that real business was done.
“IBC has been fantastic for us as media supplier companies. We definitely see the market being up from last year: there is more life in the broadcast market in general,” said Joop Janssen, CEO of the Vitec Group which brings together around 20 well-known brands in production equipment.
“IBC is much more than the sum of its parts,” concluded CEO Michael Crimp. “We add value to the exhibition and conference, with initiatives like training and workshops, the Connected World, where our end of the industry could understand changing consumer behaviours, and bringing in stunning technology demonstrations like NHK’s Super Hi-Vision.”
“The rise in attendance this year suggests strongly that IBC’s developments are delivering what the industry requires from its annual global meeting place. I look forward to welcoming everyone to IBC when it opens, here in Amsterdam on 8 September 2011.”


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