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Mass deployments of IoT solutions transforming China, says GSMA

Chinese mobile operators leading global roll-out of mobile IoT based solutions using mobile networks; China is the world’s largest IoT market with nearly 1 billion connections more
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NetEvents 2019 Innovation Awards for start-ups and established innovators in Cloud/Datacenter, IoT and CyberSecurity

Entry for the annual NetEvents Innovation Awards is open til the 22nd August 2019. There are six categories: covering both start-up and established companies in three fields: Cloud/Datacenter, IoT and CyberSecurity more
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Questions and Answers - Commission makes it easier for citizens to access health data securely across borders

The Recommendation aims to allow EU citizens to access securely their health records across Member States more easily. In particular it aims at the creation of a European format that will allow electronic health records being shared in a secure manner at the same time as adhering to data protection rules more
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Gartner says 100 million consumers will shop in Augmented Reality online and in-store by 2020

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will rely on 5G to change the customer experience inside and outside retail stores more
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