Growing demand for Mobile Internet requires ‘smarter’ networks, said Comverse at Next-Gen Wireless Meeting

Date: Thu, 10/15/2009 - 13:47

Stricter bandwidth allocation and flexible pricing plans necessary for Web-based multimedia services on mobile devices

Growing demand for Mobile Internet requires ‘smarter’ networks, said Comverse at Next-Gen Wireless Meeting 4G World 2009, Chicago

Telecom operators must allocate mobile broadband access according to business priorities and move away from flat-rate pricing plans to accommodate the growing “on-the-go” demand for mobile Internet services, according to two Comverse executives at last 4G World, a telecom conference about next-generation wireless technologies in Chicago.
“For close to 30 years, Comverse has had the foresight to develop products and solutions for coming waves of technology to ensure long-term operator success,” said John Bunyan, Chief Marketing Officer of Comverse, the world's leading supplier of software and systems enabling value-added messaging and content services, converged billing and active customer management, and IP communications.
The exponential growth in mobile data traffic growth requires a comprehensive approach to managing and controlling the traffic load, which can also reduce the urgency to expand existing network capacity. Providing value beyond connectivity, the Comverse Mobile Internet HUB offers smart traffic management that allocates bandwidth based on a network’s real-time load.
The Comverse Mobile Internet HUB also helps network operators boost usage among current customers, as well as attract new ones, by providing flexible pricing plans tailored to individual user lifestyles and preferences and by speeding new services to the market ahead of competitors.
As more advanced applications and services become available on next-generation mobile networks, innovative pricing and billing models are more effective than flat-rate plans to help operators maximize revenues and improve their subscribers’ overall experience. The Comverse ONE Billing & Active Customer Management solution, the company’s flagship Business Support System (BSS) offering, can support these emerging charging models, including hybrid prepaid/postpaid models, policy-based models and multiple identities. Comverse ONE is a single unified system that presents a consistent real-time 360-degree view of the customer.
“Comverse’s solutions align well with our vision of the Anywhere Network® and further fuel the 4G communication lifestyle that consumers are striving for.“, said Ashvin Vellody, Senior Vice President, Research at Yankee Group. 

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