Service providers recognize the need to invest to maximize opportunities and meet the demands of the connected world

Date: Wed, 04/07/2010 - 18:01 Source: Amdocs press department

Amdocs survey identifies technology challenges, business models and partnership considerations service providers face in the near future
Service providers recognize the need to invest to maximize opportunities and meet the demands of the connected world

Mobile World Congress 2010, Barcelona

Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems, recently announced the results of an independent survey that explores how service providers are planning for the evolution of the connected world. It is predicted that trillions of devices will be connected to the network by the year 2017, and that this "connected world" will be driven by the hyper-growth in demand for ubiquitous connectivity, information anytime, anywhere and smarter connected devices. The survey identified the technology challenges, business models and partnerships that service providers are considering in the near future in order to meet the demands of the connected world.
The Connected World Survey, conducted by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, polled senior executives responsible for overseeing strategies for emerging devices, machine-to-machine connectivity, architecture and planning, research and development. The survey found that service providers see an opportunity to take the lead in supporting the connected world by adopting new flexible business models to match growing demand. In fact, most providers have been testing short-term experimental models and are encouraged by new, nimble technologies designed to support their networks and operations.

Survey highlights include:
• Emerging business models and partnerships are critical for success: More than 90 percent of respondents stated that wholesale services and partnering with consumer Internet companies such as Facebook and Google were a growing area of business opportunity.
• Comprehensive operational support will be required to handle increasing network demands: Two-thirds understand that outsourcing part of their operations will be critical to succeeding in the connected world.
• The network, device activation and self-service are investment priorities: More than 80 percent of respondents cited investment in the network and network planning as the number one area of investment in terms of preparation for the connected world. In addition, respondents identified the areas of device activation, billing, charging, settlement and customer-directed self-service as essential to ensure future success. Seamless activation, self-healing devices, and "do-it-yourself" support were ranked as critical.
• Service providers need flexibility in business models: More than 90 percent recognized the need for flexible business models to support new partnership opportunities. More than 90 percent also see an opportunity in their business to shift to emerging models to benefit and support the connected world.
• Specific industries are prime for connected world opportunities: Qualitative data from the survey found that the most promising new areas of focus for service providers include healthcare, consumer electronics, government and utilities. Service providers identified these industries as prime for a high degree of new device adoption, infrastructure support and potential end-user demand.
"The survey reveals that the industry is rapidly changing and service providers are in a unique position to deploy the technology and services necessary to ensure they address market dynamics," said Seth Nesbitt, Amdocs vice president of products and solutions. "Amdocs continues to evolve its products and services to partner with service providers to define, develop, and refine their business and technology environments as they transform and adopt new business models."
"In addition to the growing device and network demand, service providers are actively considering better, faster and more productive approaches to succeed in the connected world," said James Brehm, senior consultant for mobility and the unwired experience, Frost & Sullivan. "Nearly all of the service providers with whom we engaged recognize that they must quickly evolve, and have identified partners that can help them meet new levels of demand."

The Connected World Survey was commissioned by Amdocs and conducted by Frost & Sullivan. The survey gathered both qualitative and quantitative North American and UK service providers in late 2009.

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