Alcatel-Lucent supports Telefonica for Spain’s first IPTV interactive advertising proof of concept pilot

Date: Thu, 04/23/2009 - 09:59

Alcatel-Lucent announced its collaboration with Telefonica in an extensive interactive IPTV advertising proof of concept pilot for its Imagenio IPTV customers throughout Spain. Telefonica has relied on an innovative application enablement solution from Alcatel-Lucent, bringing increased interactivity and web 2.0 features to the TV experience of Imagenio’s already robust IPTV platform

Alcatel-Lucent supports Telefonica for Spain’s first IPTV interactive advertising proof of concept pilot Telefonica at MWC 2009. Archive image

This service has enabled TV viewers to use their remote controls to access interactive content linked to a specific consumer brand product.
Alcatel-Lucent solution’s interactive capabilities make the TV viewing experience more personal and compelling for users. This innovative solution also enables to measure the audience to precisely analyze and optimize the effectiveness of particular.
This advertising solution, one of the many Application Enablement technologies from Alcatel-Lucent, leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s targeted and interactive advertising solution to pioneer a new type of TV advertising business model that combined the advanced functionality of the service provider’s network with the Web creativity of the advertising world to offer high-margin high-value targeted interactive campaigns. In this application Imagenio’s customers can interact with Web content in real time - seamlessly accessing Web-based content such as games, additional information, competitions, etc.
“We worked closely with Telefonica to develop and launch this strategic proof of concept pilotand we have successfully demonstrated that this new advertising model is possible. This is a model that is more rewarding for the user as it matches his lifestyle and interests, is more effective for advertisers as they now have a powerful new tool to reaching their target audiences and measuring their campaign’s success”, said Alfredo Redondo, Alcatel-Lucent’s Global Account leader for Telefonica.
Responding to the interest from advertisers to create and develop tighter one-on-one relationships with potential customers, this new solution enables Telefonica to offer their advertisers a powerful new way to reach more than half a million TV households in Spain in a deeply interactive way not possible through traditional advertising.

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