ApplianX IP Gateway enhanced to achieve greater PBX interoperability

Date: Fri, 04/03/2009 - 13:06

Supplementary service support for SIP, DPNSS and Q.SIG
ApplianX IP Gateway enhanced to achieve greater PBX interoperability

Aculab, a leading provider of enabling technology for the global communications market, announced that the ApplianX IP Gateway will now support Diversion, Transfer, Message Waiting Indicator and Route Optimisation over SIP, Q.SIG and DPNSS. ApplianX is the first gateway targeted at the SMB and enterprise markets to support these features. Furthermore the ApplianX IP Gateway can be enjoyed at a highly competitive price – helping make the migration path to VoIP more cost effective. By design, the ApplianX IP Gateway aims to help enterprises reduce operational costs, extend the life of existing TDM based equipment and take advantage of new IP-based services and endpoints by being a resilient, single purpose, ‘plug & play’ network appliance.
The ApplianX IP Gateway supports a wide variety of E1 and T1 protocols and approvals so that it can be deployed worldwide and connected to globally dispersed remote offices and service networks. Protocols include ISDN, NI2, AT&T, CAS and R2. In addition to basic call control, a number of key supplementary services are supported including: Diversion (Immediate, On Busy, On No Reply); Route Optimisation; Message Waiting Indicator and Transfer. These services can be converted between SIP, Q.SIG and DPNSS. Support for such features allows investment in legacy equipment such as PBXs to be protected – they can remain in service while enterprises take advantage of new IP-based services and endpoints.
Further enhancements include a wider range of routing options for SIP-to-TDM or SIP-to-SIP. In addition, for integration with SIP systems supporting redundancy, the gateway provides load balancing between endpoints on a round robin basis, so that calls can be automatically routed away from unresponsive endpoints. Coupled with the gateway’s ability to fallback to TDM should the SIP network fail, means that calls can still be made and received even if there is a problem with the IP network.
Faye McClenahan, Head of Strategic Marketing at Aculab commented “We are very excited about the new features to be included in the ApplianX IP Gateway. All have been added as a direct result to customer feedback and demand.” Faye continued “Our expertise in network protocols has enabled Aculab to support supplementary services over SIP, DPNSS and Q.SIG. This breadth of support simply hasn’t been available in a low cost ‘plug and play’ gateway appliance before.”
The ability to support 1, 2, 4 or 8 E1/T1 trunks makes the ApplianX IP Gateway a good fit for a range of deployment scenarios in both enterprise and service provider networks. The ApplianX IP Gateway is easily configured and administered via a web HTML interface. The completion of a five step wizard is all that is required to have the ApplianX IP Gateway ready to accept calls. A range of ApplianX tools are available to further assist with the configuration of the gateway – the ApplianX Search Tool, to help find ApplianX devices on the network and the ApplianX Trace Tool that captures previous or live protocol trace and decodes and/or displays it.

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