Envivio announces SilverLiveTV: first Microsoft Silverlight 3-based solution for delivering premium Internet TV to PCs and Macs

Date: Mon, 07/13/2009 - 14:00

Comprehensive solution to deploy premium video services over the Internet
Envivio announces SilverLiveTV: first Microsoft Silverlight 3-based solution for delivering premium Internet TV to PCs and Macs

Envivio Inc., announced the immediate availability of the first complete encoding and Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected distribution solution optimized for Microsoft Silverlight 3. Designed for evaluating, developing and deploying premium live and on Demand video services, Envivio SilverLiveTV™ provides operators and content owners with a comprehensive solution for delivering high-value, feature-rich video entertainment to consumers.
SilverLiveTV enables operators to offer PC and Mac users multiple channels of video content over wired and wireless networks. It ingests analog or digital sources and simultaneously encodes and encrypts the content using Envivio’s video processing enhancements and DRM interfaces. Advanced Quality of Service management maximizes reliability and ensures consumers a great viewing experience. Embedded Microsoft Windows Media and Silverlight DRM, powered by PlayReady content protection, guards the entire lifecycle of high value streamed content from the head-end to the consumer device over IP networks.
“Demand for entertainment, particularly premium-caliber services, on PCs and mobile devices is steadily increasing,” said Steve Sklepowich, group product manager for Silverlight at Microsoft Corp. “Envivio encoders and their support for the advanced features of Silverlight 3 enable operators and content holders to pursue the benefits of delivering these services to consumers.”

Ready to deploy today
SilverLiveTV enables operators to immediately deploy protected video services using Microsoft’s existing Windows Media platform and Windows Media DRM content protection. SilverLiveTV also supports Microsoft Silverlight 3, enabling operators to begin testing and configuring new advanced services. SilverLiveTV is easily enhanced through software updates to ensure support for future Silverlight 3 developments.

Advanced Silverlight 3 technologies
With its ability to simultaneously encode video at multiple bitrates, SilverLiveTV elegantly supports Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 and Silverlight Smooth Streaming, Microsoft’s HTTP-based adaptive streaming platform. Silverlight continually detects the user’s local bandwidth and CPU conditions, and seamlessly switches between streams of different bitrates to give the best possible video experience regardless of changing network conditions.
As video is encoded, SilverLiveTV automatically protects it with Silverlight DRM, powered by PlayReady. This feature enables secure, encrypted delivery of high value content from the Envivio 4Caster™ C4-based video head-end to a consumer's playback device over public networks. SilverLiveTV also supports products from third party PlayReady DRM licensees.
“Today’s consumer is just as likely to turn to his PC for entertainment as the television,” said Julien Signès, President and CEO of Envivio. “SilverLiveTV is the comprehensive solution operators and content owners have been waiting for to enable them to capitalize on this rapidly growing market opportunity. The system is deployable today and fully expandable as operators adopt Microsoft’s emerging technologies.”

SilverLiveTV contents
SilverLiveTV includes the Envivio 4Caster™ C4, an award-winning convergence encoding platform used around the world to provide service to millions of IPTV, Internet TV and Mobile TV subscribers. The bundled reference architecture features all of the extensions required to ensure fast, effortless testing and deployment of advanced Silverlight services. The included Silverlight 3-based player is ready to use immediately for live TV applications. SilverLiveTV also features integration and support from the world’s most experienced team of mobile TV deployment experts. The fully upgradeable 4Caster C4 can be configured to support most popular client devices on any IPTV, Internet TV or Mobile TV network.

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