Best of security: IT security solutions at CeBIT 2016

Date: Mon, 03/14/2016 - 19:01 Source: CeBIT

Companies can reap great benefits from the digitalization of their business processes, but they need to be aware of the risks to their IT infrastructure: One in three small to mid-sized companies has already fallen victim to data theft or cybercriminality. CeBIT will play host to an impressive spectrum of new IT Security solutions - from high-carat Cyber Defense Centers to Cloud solutions for electronic identities
Best of security: IT security solutions at CeBIT 2016 Image credited to CeBIT
It's a secure bet that one CeBIT highlight will be the Cyber Defense Center from Airbus Defense and Space in Security Hall 6 (Stand G28): real scenarios highlighting typical hacker methods and experts from Europe's leading defense and aeronautics companies demonstrating how to identify, analyze and defend against cyber-attacks. The Security Operation Center is dedicated to tracking attacks while they occur. The Cyber Defense Center by contrast is intended to use the latest tools and technologies to form detailed analysis. In many cases, it's possible to identify and deflect attacks even as they are first arising, before damages occur.
Kaspersky Lab (Hall 6, Stand F18) will be exhibiting in Hannover under the motto "Clearer Vision with Security Intelligence." It is built around cyber-security solutions and security intelligence services for companies of all sizes and for critical infrastructures. CeBIT will also see Kaspersky Labs celebrate the debut of a brand-new product promising extra protection against complex, highly sophisticated cyber-attacks.
Sophos (Hall 6, Stand E15) is putting "Synchronized Security" in focus at CeBIT. The approach puts a particular priority on endpoint and network security solutions using the innovative new "Heartbeat" function: Sophos Security Heartbeat monitors between end points and the firewall in real time to detect suspicious behavior in individual devices on a corporate network or malicious external attacks.
Just in time for CeBIT, G DATA (Hall 6, Stand D16) is presenting its latest generation of Business Security products, offering new features and add-on modules to cover tasks such as network monitoring and enhanced corporate security. IT teams can work with one single solution to cover all clients, servers and mobile devices within the corporation. Another G DATA innovation is Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure: the Cloud solution with computing centers on German soil ensures that sensitive corporate data is optimally protected against unauthorized access.
Securing cell phone conversations from spying is the stated goal of Secusmart(Hall 6, Stand G44): at CeBIT it will be presenting its app for Android, BlackBerry 10 and iOS, part of the SecuSUITE for Enterprise software package, to thwart potential eavesdroppers. German Chancellor Angela Merkel uses the company's products. Anyone interested in owning the same technology she does for mobile calls can go hands-on at the company's stand in Hall 6.
In many cases malicious software sneaks onto corporate networks while their users are browsing. Secunet safe surfer from Secunet (6, G30) eliminates this hazard: the web browser does not run on an employee PC, but rather on an external server. This ensures that viruses and malware cannot penetrate either the computer or the network. An integrated data "airlock" controls all files downloads between the internet and the internal network.
All companies want to prevent their confidential data from being stolen. The Enterprise Security Suite from itWatch (Hall 6, Stand D15/1) provides comprehensive protection for all data against theft: it combines cyber defense for PCs and on the Cloud, terminal device security, mobile security and malware protection into one solution. The software also prevents data from being stolen from printers or other peripheral devices.
A fast, highly secure and robust USB 3.0 hard drive in a 2.5 inch format, with customizable silicon case, will be on display at the DIGITTTRADE stand (Hall 6, Stand H06) in Hannover. CeBIT will also mark the market launch of a premium "Chiffry" version: the smartphone app for secure telephone conversations and picture/video swapping is being offered for Android, BlackBerry 10 and iOS.
AdNovum (Hall 6, Stand D30) from CeBIT partner country Switzerland is launching its NEVIS identity and access management solution in Germany as well. Originally conceived for use in eBanking, NEVIS protects portals operated by banks, insurers and government agencies. It is designed modularly, ensuring smooth integration into modern IT infrastructures.
Wick Hill (Hall 6, Stand E18) is offering trade fair visitors an overview of current security solutions from various manufacturers, including the chance to talk with product teams from partners such as Aruba and Symantec. DTS Systeme (Hall 6, Stand E16) is also exhibiting with various manufacturers, advising visitors on products from HP, Palo Alto Networks and SafeNet, among others.
Cryptographic keys are typically used to securely encrypt data. To create and check these digital certificates, both companies require an expensive public key infrastructure (PKI). Bundesdruckerei (Hall 7, Stand C18) is using the CeBIT to showcase its Cloud solution for simple and secure creation of electronic identity certificates at an accredited Trust Center. The company will also be demonstrating how a smartphone or personal ID card can be used to issue a secure electronic signature.
And that's not all: IT security is naturally a core topic for many other prominent CeBIT exhibitors, including Datev, Deutsche Telekom, IBM, Intel, Microsoft,Salesforce, SAP and Vodafone.
There will also be fascinating keynote addresses on the security scene at theCeBIT Global Conferences – such as by Lookout co-founder and CTO Kevin Mahaffey, who started programming at the tender age of eight and today is counted among the most influential of security experts. Other speakers on the topic of IT security include Phil Zimmermann, inventor of the world's most popular encryption software (Pretty Good Privacy, PGP), the head of Finnish security solution maker F-Secure, Christian Fredrikson, and Peter Schaar, formerly Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and now Chairman of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Privacy Policy.
Another highlight: the premiere of the European Cyber Security Conference in the NordLB Forum: the event will address key security issues from a business viewpoint. Other events in Security Hall 6 such as the Business Security Expert Forum and the CeBIT Security Plaza will help round out a thorough exploration of IT security unavailable at any other IT event.
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