Importance of Russian presence at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 emphasized by ITU Secretary-General’s visit to Moscow

Date: Fri, 09/18/2009 - 14:41

Importance of Russian presence at ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 emphasized by ITU Secretary-General’s visit to Moscow

Russian Federation Pavilion exhibitors prioritize Digital TV and Cybersecurity

Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, ITU Secretary-General, visited Moscow to meet key ITU stakeholders ahead of ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 (Geneva, 5-9 October). His visit reinforces ITU’s commitment to the many Russian participants at the event.
Russian ICT players will come together at the Russian Federation Pavilion to address the key theme of Digital TV and Broadcasting. The exhibitors — including ALS & TEC, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Moscow City Wire Broadcasting Network (FGUP MGRS), Radio Frequency Service (RFS), Radio Research and Development Institute (NIIR), Rostelecom, Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), Svyazinvest and TTK — represent the diversity of the ICT industry, from equipment vendors and federal research bodies to telecoms operators and space and radio communications providers.
"ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 is the place to find out about the future of living in the digital world," said Dr Touré, ahead of his visit to Moscow, "and I am delighted to be meeting former colleagues and future partners in Moscow this week."
Russian Federation Pavilion participants will attend the event with a common theme in mind – ‘United through communication’. Pavilion exhibitor TTK’s Igor Kelshev, SVP for International Sales & Marketing, welcomes the opportunity to participate in an event that transcends borders in search of a common universal goal. "We all have to seek consensus to make the world a better place," said Kelshev. "As the lead UN agency for ICT, ITU encompasses visionary and breakthrough developments and adapts them to the needs of all nations. ITU plays a vital role in the upbringing of a whole new generation who will have ICTs running through their veins."
The transition from Analogue to Digital TV is also a key consideration in the Russian market, according to government officials, and with Russia’s recent vow to bring Digital TV to every home by 2015, it is now high on the telecoms agenda. With many stakeholders based in Russia, ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 creates an ideal platform for all parties to discuss policy, regulation, and infrastructure development. ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009 will also address the issues of access and digital inclusion and provide an opportunity to discuss how ICTs can help citizens living in rural and remote locations.
Away from ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009’s exhibition floor, Russian participants will also be playing an important role in the event’s Forum, with speakers addressing topics such as cybersecurity, mobile services and growth, and future innovation towards new wireless networks. Mr Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Founder of Kaspersky Lab, will be discussing the importance of forming global partnerships to address cybersecurity. "Many of the issues that are scheduled for discussion can only be resolved if governments, businesses and NGOs from different countries are all involved in a constructive dialogue," he said. "I am very glad to be taking part in the Forum and I hope that together we can come closer to resolving the pressing issues of information security."
The Russian Federation Pavilion expects strong visitor attendance, including heads of state, ministry members and the CEOs of international corporations. On the first day of ITU TELECOM WORLD 2009, the pavilion will hold a state reception to welcome visitors. Guests can expect performances from the acclaimed Russian ballerina Uliana Lopatkina, and the renowned Russian conductor Bashmet Yuri accompanied by the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra featuring world-famous and rare Stradivari violins. The Russian Federation Pavilion will be in Hall 5 (Stand 5030).

Image: Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, ITU Secretary-General (right), with Dmitri Medvedev, President of Russia


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