Japan IT Week Spring 2014 gathered 1.365 exhibitors and 82.874 visitors

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Japan IT Week Spring 2014 gathered 1.365 exhibitors and 82.874 visitors

The 2014 spring edition of Japan’s largest comprehensive IT solution trade show, Japan IT Week was held at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

The show was split into 11 independent exhibitions, overstretching the largest exhibition venue in the country. From embedded systems, software, big data, IoT, M2M, cloud computing to security solutions…the largest range of the latest, cutting-edge IT solutions were showcased, providing a firm platform for professionals to explore and source for such products, technologies and services. 

Great energy throughout the show
Being the leading and largest show of its kind in Japan, Japan IT Week Spring 2014 served as a reflection of the current Japanese IT market. With the recovery of the Japanese economy combined with the positive effects of the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the overall energy of the show had lifted and the show ground was busy and filled with professionals negotiating in booths and lounges throughout the 3-day show duration.
Overall the show gathered 1,365 exhibitors from 17 countries and 82,874 professional visitors. The total net floor area of the show had grown by 8% and there was 25% increase in overall international exhibitor numbers.
Held parallel to the exhibitions was a Technical Conference covering all of the 11 IT sectors of Japan IT Week Spring 2014.
Throughout the 3 days of the show, 19,073 attended the conference. 

Highlights of Japan IT Week Spring 2014
Becoming more international - Embedded Systems Expo Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC) gathered various embedded systems related products and technologies from all over Japan, and the world. Major Japanese firms such as NEC, TOSHIBA, MAMEZOU, HEARTLAND.DATA, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, YOKOGAWA DIGITAL COMPUTER, AXWELL, UBIQUITOUS etc. exhibited this year. Various firms from overseas such as MICROSOFT, INTEL, CONGATEC, SWISSBIT, ADLINK TECHNOLOGY, IGATE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, TREND MICRO etc. also had great presence, launching their latest products, technologies and solutions into the Japanese market. Over all there was a 16% increase in net area covered by overseas exhibitors at ESEC this year.
Show Management arranged a special invitation program during the show period aimed to facilitate international business between ESEC exhibitors and various system designers and developers from Asia. 33 VIP guests from 18 major firms took part in this program from Korea, Taiwan and China. Numerous business meetings were generated through the program.
In parallel to the invitation program, a reception party was held to enhance the communication and networking between industry professionals. Overall 353 leaders and decision makers of this particular field gathered. The opening remarks were made by the President of Reed Exhibitions Japan, the organiser of the Japan IT Week Spring 2014 and the toast was made by the Chairman of the ESEC Technical Conference. “We fully recognize that the embedded systems industry is now facing difficulty. And so we have made exceeding efforts to bring visitors to the show. Our efforts include directly visiting factories in Korea and Taiwan, and host them as special VIPs. As a result we have over 500 overseas participants including the special VIP guests. Through enhancing the event, we hope to contribute to the development of the embedded systems industry. On this regard, we look forward to your ongoing support” , said Tad Ishizumi, President, Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
“I am happy to see such a crowd at the exhibition, keynote session and this party. I appreciate your support for your active participation. Embedded technology is the key not only for development of auto-driving system and 8K TV, but also for the new era which typifies Tokyo Olympic 2020 and European Horizon 2020 Program. As Japan IT Week has several special shows such as Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and Security, I hope the synergy of Japan IT Week IT will accelerate the further development of the embedded technology, and can contribute to your business expansion. ESEC has become international recently, and I have heard there are many guests from overseas today. To make Japan as the center of embedded technology, I hope you utilise ESEC to expand your business both inside and outside Japan”, said Kiichiro Tamaru, International-Promotion Agency Japan/Chairman, ESEC Technical Conference Advisory Committee.

Big Data was a big topic
“Big Data” was a very popular topic abundant on numerous sign boards and talked about business topic throughout the 11 exhibitions and Technical Conference sessions.
For instance, Lifenet Insurance Company, Japan’s leading insurance company, and Tokyu Hands, one of the  top department stores in Japan, lead a session about the utilisation of Bid Data. The head of the CRM division of Microsoft Japan also conducted a talk on the changing dynamics of CRM applications. Various show participants has addressed the importance for a new platform for Big Data related business. Due to many requests by industry professionals, Data Warehouse & CRM Expo, which is the most closely related exhibition out of the Japan IT Week Spring as of the 2015 edition will change its name to “Big Data Management Expo”.

IoT at Wireless M2M Expo
Like Big Data, IoT was another one of the key themes of the show, especially at Wireless M2M Expo and Embedded Systems Expo.
Intel showcased devices, software and services for IoT, Cloud-based platforms by Ubiquitos, small CPU boards for IoT by SUZUDEN, sensing device engineering service by Toshiba, IoT connecting solution demonstrations by ALTIMA…are few of the many examples of the exhibits.
IoT was also a theme covered by a number of sessions at Technical Conference. The Cisco’s senior manager of the IoT Incubation laboratory in Japan conducted a session about “IoT, cloud and the developing embedded systems”.
In response to the requests of show participants and industry professionals, the most closely related exhibition to IoT, Wireless M2M Expo will be changing its exhibition name to “IoT/M2M Expo” from Japan IT Week Spring 2015 to improve the segmentation of exhibitors with exhibits related to IoT and direct the right traffic to such exhibitors during the show period. The total scale of Wireless M2M Expo had increase by 30% this year with great traffic so the next edition is anticipated to be an even bigger success with the new alterations.
Importance of information security addressed
With the rise in identity fraud, unauthorised access and cyber-attacks, interest towards information security has been rising in Japan by various firms, organisations, institutes etc. With this trend, Information Security Expo was one of the most popular shows among Japan IT Week Spring attracting Risk/Security Systems Administrators and Managers, Information Systems Departments, Security System Integrators and other professional visitors as well as the media to source for solutions and information. From identification systems, monitoring software, back-up solutions to shredders, various information security related solutions were showcased. A number of firms such as IBM, F5 NETWORKS JAPAN etc. exhibited for the first time at Information Security Expo, portraying the increasing attention towards this sector of business. As interest towards security is rising in various sectors of IT, new security related zones were newly launched in other shows of Japan IT Week Spring, for instance an “Embedded Security Zone” in Embedded Systems Expo. 
Growing direct commerce market in Japan
With the increasing market for e-commerce and e-mail order business in Japan these past few years, Direct Commerce Solutions Expo was launched last year and has grown into Japan’s largest exhibition of its kind. The show has continued to grow involving major players such as NIHON UNISYS, SYSTEM INTEGRATOR, ECBEING, HYBRIS, NIFTY etc. This year, JAPAN POST exhibited for the first time with the recent announcement of entering into the market. Various products, technologies and services such as website construction tools, traffic attracting tools, logistic solutions, direct mail printing etc. were showcased.
Smartphone and Mobile solutions for business-use
As mobile and wearable technology is increasing popularity, Smartphone & Mobile Expo and Web & Mobile Marketing Expo were also popular exhibitions among the visiting professionals and media. Exhibits for business related users were one of the major themes this year for both of the shows due to its current market popularity. Technologies, applications and solutions for various business types such as offices, sales, retail, factories etc. were showcased. For example, PANASONIC showcase included new tough tablets for business-use, SOFTBANK TELECOM exhibited workflow solutions linked to google applications at Smartphone & Mobile Expo. Majority of the exhibitors of the Web & Mobile Marketing Expo were conducting sit-down consultation sessions directly on-site with professionals seeking mobile and web marketing issues.

Rise of the International Pavilions
Various countries exhibited at Japan IT Week as international government-based pavilions with products, technologies unique to their countries. On the whole 18 pavilions from 11 countries exhibited this year. Out of the 11 exhibitions, Software Development Expo was the exhibition with the most number of pavilions. This year there has been a 23% increase in the percentage of overseas exhibit area contributed greatly with the rise in the number of international government-based pavilions. This increase portrays the countries’ interest in investing in the Japanese market. As well as Asian countries, Eastern European countries (Poland, Hungary etc.) have recently been increasing their presence to find new partners in the Japanese market. India, Korea, Myanmar, The Philippines have already signed up for next year. 

Above, image credited to Japan IT Week   

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