New Netsize survey reveals pent-up demand for mobile commerce and shopping

Date: Tue, 10/18/2011 - 18:11 Source: Netsize press department

Majority of respondents would use their mobiles to buy big-ticket items
New Netsize survey reveals pent-up demand for mobile commerce and shopping

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Netsize, the leading mobile commerce and communications enabler, recently released “Unlocking the Value of Mobile Commerce”, a report that examines the role of mobile in (online and physical) retail and commerce.
The free report includes exclusive research on the value amounts that people are ready for and willing to pay through their mobile phone for pricey items that go beyond the usual mix of transport tickets and parking tokens.
The report contains data from a Netsize survey of 1,000+ mobile professionals and practitioners and concludes that mobile payment is poised to super-charge shopping as users show a significant interest in buying digital and physical goods and services with their mobile phone.

Key findings
• While almost all respondents (94 percent) said they would be “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to purchase goods totaling up to €25.00 using their mobile phones, 83 percent of respondent indicated that they would be open to pay for items such as concert tickets (valued at amounts up to €50.00) with their mobile phones.
• Additionally, over half (51 percent) of respondents reported they would be likely to purchase physical goods for amounts up to €100.00 with their mobile phones. This figure confirms the huge growth potential for mobile commerce and increased interest in new ways to shop and buy.
• Payment mechanisms are critical to the quality of the mobile shopping experience. In fact, respondents stressed they value the freedom to choose the method they prefer. Specifically, most (60 percent) respondents report that payment choice is important to them.
• Mobile commerce is poised to reach new heights provided the industry addresses a number of key issues. Clearly, companies and merchants are called on to provide a choice of payment methods. However, all companies across the emerging mobile commerce ecosystem must work together to remove the regulatory barriers that make mobile commerce a challenge.


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