Monetising a $3 trillion industry – mobile data means business

Date: Mon, 04/16/2012 - 10:42 Source: TekComms PR department

Social media brands like Facebook, Twitter and even Google have dominated business headlines around the world. Yet despite this hype, and the influence that their services have on our daily lives, Facebook’s recent IPO was valued at $100 billion. Compare that to the estimated value of the global mobile telecoms industry - $3 trillion – and the sheer scale of the wireless market becomes apparent

Monetising a $3 trillion industry – mobile data means business Lyn Cantor, President of TekComms

The global media has cultivated an image of mobile operators being overrun by OTT players, riding roughshod over their networks for free. Faced with declining ARPU and an increasingly challenging global market situation it would appear that mobile operators are under pressure. However, with $3 trillion worth of assets, the industry is still at the top of its game and has the right mix of elements in place to spark exponential growth that could dwarf other established industries.
Mobile operators have, in fact, been buoyed by the increased mobile data usage that social media and OTT players have generated for them. Indeed, the next challenge for operators will be how to monetize these applications, or at the very least, introduce new business models in which they generate a portion of revenue from their delivery. This is the view of Lyn Cantor, President of TekComms - a provider of customer and assurance solutions to global communication service providers. According to Cantor, mobile operators have access to the richest vein of data that any business in the world could wish for. This is a gold mine of data that holds the key to prolonged and extensive growth. Every day millions of calls, messages and data sessions, among other information, are delivered over the world’s mobile networks. This information allows operators spanning the globe to build up a wealth of customer information deriving context such as location, demographics, values, lifestyle and even the opinion of their end-users. Operators can now use this ‘customer lifecycle’ data as the foundation for applications and services for a new breed of ARPU data subscriber who is willing to pay for their personalized experience. The attention of the media and the markets continues to focus on the likes of Apple, because of the stylish form factors of its products, and Facebook, as it is poised for an IPO. However, the $3 trillion mobile industry is set to flourish with a series of lucrative new revenue streams.
Operators now have the ability to leverage information from multiple technology domains from across their networks, to develop a sustainable business model focused on the personalised delivery of mobile data. Using data derived from their own network, operators can develop a variety of targeted and highly personalised services and Apps which can satisfy customer needs and, in turn, have a dramatic impact on their bottom lines. While social media brands grab the headlines; operators are happy to work in the background developing innovative business models, using data that social media properties simply don’t have the ability to generate. 

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