3 Italia in IT efficiency contract with Ericsson

Date: Wed, 01/12/2011 - 19:38

Faster delivery of new services and enhanced quality with better flexibility and more capacity in IT
3 Italia in IT efficiency contract with Ericsson Valter D'Avino, head of Managed Services, Ericsson

3 Italia has chosen Ericsson to modernize its IT infrastructure and systems including hardware and software, IP connectivity, operating systems and storage.
With more than nine million 3G subscribers, 3 Italia delivers a wide range of communication services such as voice, video, internet access, mobile TV and entertainment. With Ericsson's help, Italians will get new services even faster as 3 Italia's IT environment is improved, resulting in strengthened data capacity with more flexibility and better quality of service.
The contract covers data center consolidation with hardware modernization, upgrade and consolidation of 3 Italia's software application domains, as well as transformation of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS), for example systems for billing and customer relationship management. The new agreement builds on the managed services partnership established between 3 Italia and Ericsson in 2005.
3 Italia's current three data centers will be consolidated into two, located in Rome and Milan. This, combined with the introduction of a new virtualized software architecture, housing all of 3 Italia's applications and allowing the operator to use its total IT infrastructure more efficient, means the operator can lower its energy and IT hardware and software costs by 40 and 50 percent respectively. Ericsson will also manage, maintain and upgrade the infrastructure until 2017.
Antonella Ambriola, CTO 3 Italia, says: "Ericsson has been our partner in building our nationwide 3G network in Italy. Now, they are also taking responsibility for improving our IT infrastructure, including the systems we build our services offering on. With the relationship we already have today, we are confident Ericsson will contribute in the same positive way as an IT consultant as they have as a network infrastructure supplier."
Valter D'Avino, head of Managed Services, Ericsson says: "By strengthening our offering within the IT business we move into an arena where operators previously have not seen us as a natural partner. With 3 Italia we are not only taking on a new leading role to modernize and improve their IT infrastructure, we are doing it with the same ambition we always do in the relationship with our customers - we are there to help develop and expand their business. This gives 3 Italia the ability to further focus on their customers while we take on the responsibility to manage their IT operations."
The relationship with 3 Italia and Ericsson dates back to 2001 when the operator selected its UMTS suppliers. In 2005, the two parties signed one of the largest managed services contracts in the telecom industry. On June 5, 2009, 3 Italia awarded Ericsson a network transformation deal to upgrade its WCDMA/HSPA network, extending the managed services deal with five years until 2014.


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