Mobile Operators work together to define requirements for “5G”

Date: Thu, 02/27/2014 - 14:22

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance is excited to announce the launch of a global initiative for 5G. Inspired by the strong industry collaboration which materially contributed to the success of LTE and its adoption across the world, this initiative will deliver key operator requirements intended to guide the development of future technology platforms and related standards,  create new business opportunities and satisfy future end-user needs
Mobile Operators work together to define requirements for “5G”

The NGMN Alliance 5G Press Conference at the Mobile World Congress 2014

Image credited to the NGMN

Over the past few years LTE has established itself as a truly global technology and will continue to evolve. It is anticipated that LTE will remain the dominant technology platform of wireless broadband for the next decade, deployed in a growing number of frequency bands, and supported by a vibrant eco-system of devices and innovative service offerings.
The requirements for a new technology platform, to complement LTE, are being driven by high density demand and ever increasing consumption of a wide variety and variability of devices, services and applications. Furthermore, NGMN expects new use cases such as massive machine type communication (like M2M, Internet of Things), and more stringent demands for real time communications. This has to be delivered in a sustainable and cost-efficient way while continuing to provide consistent customer experience.
The NGMN Board – CTOs from 19 leading international operators – has made a decision to focus the future NGMN work programme on defining the end-to-end requirements for 5G, recognising that the scope of 5G extends significantly beyond the radio access layer. A global initiative is being launched by NGMN to define consolidated operator requirements for the benefit of the end-users. This will be in close collaboration with all industry partners and relevant initiatives and within the well-established NGMN processes.
The first major outcome of the NGMN 5G initiative will be an industry White Paper delivered before the end of 2014, intended to support the standardisation and subsequent availability of 5G from 2020. The White Paper will set challenging technical and other ecosystem requirements for 5G, and accelerate the adoption of new emerging technology innovations.
“In its initial phase, the NGMN Alliance enabled the launch of commercial LTE services”, said Peter Meissner, Operating Officer of the NGMN Alliance. “We are now looking forward establishing 5G targets for the successful long-term future of our industry”.
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