New venture Comunicas will provide hosted platform services for the Turkish 3G market

Date: Fri, 01/16/2009 - 15:24

Recently two leading companies in telephony announce to join forces for a new hosted service provider for the Turkish 3G market, which is called Comunicas Interaktif Hizmetler A.Ş.

New venture Comunicas will provide hosted platform services for the Turkish 3G market

Whilst the Turkish leading operators are working on licensing and launching issues, the Turkish company Vegatel and the Dutch company Comsys founded Comunicas, which already started with the preparation of a full 3G video telephony platform.
Its founding fathers Deputy Chairman of Vegatel, Mr. Ekrem Tokay, and CEO of Comsys, Mr. Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, explain their joint venture: “Within several months the existing operators (Avea, Turkcell and Vodafone) in Turkey are expected to announce the launch of their 3G networks. As a result it is time to start creating applications of 3G mobile and fixed networks” say Mr. Konijnenberg, an experienced specialist in 3G applications. “We are independently serving the operators by investing in applications whilst the operators invest in the networks”, ads Mr. Tokay.
Applications are the cornerstone of revenues for telecom operators, but also for media companies. Comunicas will provide, due to its state of the art platform, hosted application services such as video calling, video conferencing, mobile TV, streaming mobile video and location based services and workflow management applications. Comunicas will serve many users, both in the business but also in the consumer market. Also breaking news video alerts and viewing video’s of traffic congestion at important traffic intersections are some examples of services which will be provided by Comunicas.
“We have chosen to work with Comsys due to their operational strength and experience gained over 25 years in many European key markets”, explains Mr. Tokay Deputy Chairman of Vegatel.
“Vegatel on the other hand with all its local contacts, power of execution, and local know how, is for us the ideal partner in this new Turkish venture”, explains Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg CEO of Comsys.

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