New Openwave service helps mobile operators protect their networks from viruses and security threats

Date: Tue, 07/07/2009 - 11:16

Openwave Systems Inc., one of the world's leading software innovators enabling revenue-generating personalized services that converge the mobile and broadband experience, announced Openwave® Guardian, the latest service enabler for Openwave® Integra, a next generation mobile internet service management platform

New Openwave service helps mobile operators protect their networks from viruses and security threats Openwave Systems Inc. at Mobile World Congress 2009

Openwave Guardian gives mobile operators the power to protect their networks from viruses and security threats, and to protect their subscribers from inappropriate and unwanted content. By implementing multiple defenses against unwanted content, mobile operators can deliver the high quality mobile internet user experience that their subscribers expect while confidently launching new and innovative services.
"As more and more subscribers are using their mobile devices to access internet content, operators are under more pressure than ever before to protect their networks and subscribers," said Dan Nguyen, vice president, product management, Openwave. "Openwave Guardian provides a comprehensive set of security features to meet an operator's unique business needs while working to ensure that the subscriber feels safe while browsing open internet content from their mobile device."
Guardian is part of Openwave's Mobile Internet value-added services that are available for the Integra Mobile Internet Service Platform. Integra's plug-in framework means that all data traffic routed through Integra can benefit from Guardian. The Guardian service architecture also allows additional security applications to be quickly added as new mobile security threats emerge. Equally, Integra's intelligent workflow engine ensures that the mobile operator has full control over how and when the features within the Guardian service are utilized

Key features of Guardian include:
  Content access control based on URL category allows the mobile operator to restrict a user's access to specific content categories, for example to prevent minors from accessing adult content.
  Content type access control allows the mobile operator to control access to specified content types from a list of approved sites.
  Safe Search allows the mobile operator to automatically activate safe search for minors when using popular search engines from their mobile device
  Anti-virus involves selective transaction request or response path interception based on a URL and/or content type to perform content analysis to check for the presence of software viruses.
  Redirection to splash page offers the mobile operator a high degree of flexibility when deciding how to communicate to their subscribers following security interception.
  Openwave Guardian is generally available now.

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