SMS: Going from strength to strength in 2016

Date: Mon, 01/25/2016 - 18:49 Source: Infobip

Look at how SMS as a technology will change in 2016, the new potential of A2P traffic for operators, and the role of SMS in IoT and wearables
SMS: Going from strength to strength in 2016

Silvio Kutic, CEO at Infobip

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“SMS is already a well-established technology. It’s got a wide variety of use cases, and developers around the world have taken advantage of its universal nature to introduce a range of clever services and tools. However, in 2016 we’re going to see the potential of SMS skyrocket, spanning everything from more widespread integration with healthcare providers to improve patient care, to the use of SMS as a delivery mechanism for IoT and wearables.
“The growth of A2P messaging is a key driver behind this, and is responsible for a step-change in the industry’s recognition of SMS technology as a flexible and robust communications channel. Thanks to SMS API developers and advanced coding techniques, 2016 is going to be the year that SMS becomes easier to integrate into online and mobile apps, most notably for improved account security through two-factor authentication.
“With A2P SMS growth rates showing no signs of slowing down, next year will also see more mobile operators uncovering the hidden value of SMS as a viable revenue stream. We’re going to see the relationship between mobile operators and messaging providers shift once more, as operators adopt a new approach to deliver branded A2P SMS services in response to an influx in customer demand.
“In this regard, the next 12 months will see operators lean more heavily on the expertise and skillset of mobile messaging providers, with these players taking an active role in managing the business of A2P SMS for operators through a delivery model known as Business-as-a-Service.”

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