Rapid expansion of enterprise applications creates mobile support problems for users, AetherPal surveys reveal

Date: Tue, 02/23/2016 - 11:07 Source: AetherPal

IT help desks lack ability to efficiently support today’s mobile users, compelling frustrated employees to circumvent IT to resolve support issues
Rapid expansion of enterprise applications creates mobile support problems for users, AetherPal surveys reveal

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Two enterprise mobility management studies conducted by AetherPal suggest that, while mobile users continue to rely on the IT Help Desk to resolve issues with their mobile applications and devices, they are not receiving the level of responsiveness and support required, driving them to seek out alternative resources for problem resolution. IT Help Desks, meanwhile, are overburdened by a growing number of enterprise application support issues by mobile users.
AetherPal, a leading provider of Mobile Support Management (MSM) solutions for enterprises and mobile operators, commissioned IDG Research Services to gauge opinions of enterprise IT decision makers and, at the same time, conducted their own survey of mobile users to assess the state of mobile support in today’s enterprise.

According to study results:
Mobility is mission-critical
: 82% of employee respondents believe that a working mobile device is a business necessity. 42% indicate that they cannot do their jobs without a working mobile device. And 6 out 10 employees reported that they rely on up to 4 corporate mobile apps to do their jobs.

Current mobile Help Desk support is not making the grade: When a problem arises, 58% are inclined to seek support from the IT Help Desk. But nearly 70% of respondents do not feel their Help Desk is responsive enough and therefore seek resolution elsewhere.

The thumb-driven era demands a self-service mobile Help Desk approach: The study of IT decision makers suggests efficiency remains an ongoing Help Desk issue as 70% of support is still being conducted by phone. Yet, 42% of employee respondents indicated a preference for support through live chat and 43% for a self-service app or online tutorial. The findings suggest the opportunity to introduce an end user support platform that features more efficient communications channels and resources exists.

“Enterprises clearly want employees to use mobile devices to conduct business, evidenced by the fact that the organizations represented in the IT study have thus far deployed an average of 8 business critical mobile applications,” said Dan Deeney, CEO of AetherPal. “Corporate IT departments need to revisit their mobile support strategies to provide an on-demand support model to empower users to resolve issues on their own. Doing so will drive employee productivity, reduce downtime and improve the mobile support experience – enabling enterprises to realize the benefits of mobile transformation”

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