Open source key to unlocking full potential of smartphone market

Date: Fri, 10/08/2010 - 13:43 Source: Funambol press department

The Android operating system (OS) has arrived. It leapt into second place in the U.S. smartphone market in May, 2010, outselling the iPhone OS, and it has been adopted by top-flight manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson

Open source key to unlocking full potential of smartphone market Hal Steger, VP marketing at Funambol

A recent Gartner report announced that Android is now competing on level terms with the likes of Symbian and RIM, and could even challenge Symbian for dominant market share by 2014. Gartner anticipates that ‘open-source’ platforms will account for more than 60 percent of the market for smartphones in the same timeframe.
Funambol, a provider of open source mobile cloud services, shares this view and believes that open source is the key to unlocking mobile devices and services to create a connected environment where consumers can sync, access and share content, across a range of devices.
Hal Steger, VP marketing at Funambol, believes the meteoric success of Android is driven by the fact it is open. He comments: “Proprietary mobile operating systems tend to be specific to a particular manufacturer and therefore limited to the number of devices they support. The fact that Android is open source means it’s flexible, lower cost and can support a huge range of devices from mobile handsets to tablets and beyond.” He continues: “One of the strengths of open source is its appeal to the developer community who can continually improve the platform and increase the range of apps and devices it supports. As the wireless experience evolves, consumers shouldn’t be restricted to a single device or platform and with open source we can now provide truly converged services where consumers can sync, access and share content across a variety of devices, from a mobile handset to an Internet-enabled TV to an e-picture frame.”
By implementing mobile cloud technology, operators and handset manufacturers are able to offer subscribers 'digital locker' services to sync, access and share content and data. When open mobile cloud services are combined with open devices, the opportunity for operators and service providers intensifies as 'digital locker' services can be rolled out to a broader range of subscribers, regardless of device or platform.


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