Starhome expected to increase mobile operator’s annual revenue by $1 million

Date: Fri, 10/30/2009 - 12:53

After implementing Starhome’s solutions, a leading Caribbean mobile operator has seen a spike in roaming revenue and an increase of more than 500,000 roaming minutes per year

Starhome expected to increase mobile operator’s annual revenue by $1 million Amit Daniel, Vice President of Marketing at Starhome

Starhome, the leading provider and acknowledged driving force of roaming services for mobile network operators, has announced that TelCell St. Maarten (TelCell), the mobile services division of the St. Maarten Group of Telephone Companies, has increased its customers’ roaming minutes by more than 47,000 per month since implementing Starhome solutions several months ago. An annual revenue increase in the range of $1 million is expected by TelCell.
TelCell successfully launched Starhome’s Home Short Code™ Solution and Intelligent Call Assistant® Solution to generate roaming revenue and improve service quality for inbound roamers. Starhome's Intelligent Call Assistant utilizes powerful roaming intelligence to analyze and correct roamers' misdialed calls. Statistics based on live services show that up to 60% of these calls are never redialled, causing operators to lose potential revenue. By correcting and completing more calls, operators generate lost revenues and visitor traffic while increasing user satisfaction.
“Starhome offers the most complete solution on the market, and based on their expertise and track record in this field, they were the obvious choice. The new roaming technology enables us to increase our market share among the large networks and secure our roaming revenues. We are confident that Starhome’s roaming solutions will enhance and enrich the experience of our customers and international travellers,” said Brian Mingo, General Manager at TelCell St. Maarten. “We have achieved an approximate average of about 47,000 additional roaming minutes per month since choosing Starhome, which equals an increase in the range of $1 million dollars in revenue annually.”
TelCell also implemented Home Short Code to enable inbound roamers to continue using familiar, home-based short codes to access their Value Added Services (VAS) while roaming in St. Maarten. By temporarily adopting visiting travelers as their customers, TelCell is creating a true Virtual Home Environment.
With nearly half of the island’s telephony revenue derived from inbound roamers, these solutions have played a key part in enabling TelCell to establish the infrastructure needed to maximize revenue from roaming. The solutions have been delivered as a managed service, providing TelCell with the latest technology, Starhome’s expertise, and 24/7 performance monitoring to ensure service levels are high and any issues can be immediately rectified.
Amit Daniel, Vice President of Marketing at Starhome, said, “Starhome is proud to partner with TelCell St. Maarten and provide its customers with our innovative technology that has been proven to improve the customer experience and increase operator revenues. We are pleased to have become a key contributor to TelCell St. Maarten’s continual drive to provide its customers with premium mobile communication solutions and look forward to strengthening our partnership.”

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