CETECOM and Cinterion Wireless Modules join forces for easy certification and implementation of M2M solutions

Date: Thu, 09/03/2009 - 13:37

Cinterion Wireless Modules, the global leader in cellular M2M communication modules, and CETECOM, an international leading service provider of independent consulting, qualified testing and approved certification for telecommunications and IT industries, have joined forces to help ensure faster certification and implementation for M2M applications using Cinterion Evolution Platform modules including TC63i, TC65i, MC75i and MC55i

CETECOM and Cinterion Wireless Modules join forces for easy certification and implementation of M2M solutions Lars Thyroff, chief marketing officer, Cinterion Wireless Modules

Cinterion (formerly Siemens) and CETECOM have been partners in mobile communications for more than 15 years. CETECOM was the first independent GSM test laboratory and Siemens was one of their first customers for cellular modules testing. Since then, this successful relationship has been maintained.
Cinterion and CETECOM serve the same customer base: integrators that implement cellular modules in devices and require certification and full type approval for access to international markets. Cinterion and CETECOM have expanded their longstanding relationship with a partnership that covers many stages of the integrator’s value chain -- from the choice of a high-quality air interface to a successful market launch.
CETECOM has developed a program that guides integrators through the testing and certification process providing instructions for the most efficient way to receive approval for an international market launch. As seen with the regulatory and testing requirements for Cinterion MC55/56, TC63, TC65 and MC75 modules launched in Europe, USA, Canada, among other countries, an integrator working with CETECOM gets a clear impression of what is necessary for integration of a Cinterion module in a new device or solution as well as with existing devices and solutions.
“We’ve created comprehensive guidelines to help integrators of Cinterion modules understand the requirements for a successful market launch with a shortened approval process,” said Dr. Klaus Matkey, one of CETECOM’s managing directors. “The synergies that evolve from our cooperation with Cinterion will benefit both partners as well as our mutual customers. We offer a very promising approach, especially for companies that are newcomers to the market and not familiar with the complex requirements for carrier certification and full type approval of wireless communications products.”
“With this partnership, Cinterion is happy to further expand its partner network in order to simplify the complete value chain, especially with regards to certifications,” said Lars Thyroff, chief marketing officer, Cinterion Wireless Modules. “A big network of competence partners helps our customers pave the way into the M2M market and significantly speeds the time to market process.”
The MC75i, TC65i and TC63i modules were certified by CETECOM’s Notified Body. CETECOM has executed all applicable certification tests for R&TTE, FCC, IC, GCF and PTCRB for the MC55/56 and its successor MC55i.
Benefits for mutual customers:
•       CETECOM’s deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge of Cinterion products culled from a 15-year partnership
•       Existing documentation for Cinterion products available via CETECOM
•       A direct interface to the Cinterion engineering team
•       Access to an international network of test facilities that enable flexible execution of necessary tests at short notice
•       Clear indication about the effort for retesting and the costs involved
•       Accelerated solutions for modules that are already integrated in a device/application
•       One-stop certification/approval of the integrator’s product
•       Reduced risk and relief of the integrator’s own resources
•       Reduced time-to-market
Cinterion’s Evolution Platform Modules can be integrated into M2M solutions including metering, security, remote maintenance and control, vending, POS and more. Often manufacturers from vertical markets do not have experience with the process and procedures related to cellular products. They in particular will benefit from the new migration and certification concept developed by Cinterion and CETECOM.

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