Agilent Technologies to collaborate with Southeast University-China to research 3GPP-LTE systems performance improvements

Date: Wed, 07/29/2009 - 13:09

Agilent Technologies Inc. announced its collaboration with Southeast University-China to improve mobile communication systems performance. Agilent is providing grants and test instruments for the university's use in researching methods for users to obtain higher data rates and high-quality services with increased spectrum and power efficiency

Agilent Technologies to collaborate with Southeast University-China to research 3GPP-LTE systems performance improvements

"We see this working relationship with Southeast University, one of the top universities in scientific research and development in China, as a continuation of Agilent's drive to be a key technology partner for innovative research in academia," said Mike Kawasaki, Agilent education program manager. "This collaboration enables Agilent to make a contribution to the future of wireless communication and gives the university access to our resources, empowering further success of scientists in academia."
Prior to this collaboration, Southeast University has used Agilent instruments to generate signals with different RF impairments, acquire signals with different RF impairments for modeling and measurement.
"With Agilent, one of the top measurement instrument providers in the world, we are investigating credible measurement methods of RF circuits and sub-systems for 3GPP-LTE and analyzing impacts of RF impairments on 3GPP-LTE systems," said project team leader and "Cheung Kong Scholar" Wei Hong, who is also director of the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves at Southeast University. "We have achieved some interesting results with this collaboration and some of them will be published in academic journals. We hope to promote research and employments of 3GPP-LTE in China and the rest of world."
The State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves is a leading laboratory on microwave and millimeter wave research in China. It focuses on the circuits and networks of microwave and millimeter wave, electromagnetic wave propagation, scattering and radiation, radio frequency and antennas techniques in wireless communication systems, and the subjects of the basic theory.
The collaboration between Southeast University and Agilent is a result of Agilent's University Relations Program, which facilitates collaborations with universities around the world. Agilent supports scientific work with universities worldwide through direct grants and collaborative research. The company also sponsors undergraduate and graduate internship opportunities for students to gain practical work experience in technical and nontechnical disciplines.

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