Gemalto deploys innovative solution for the management of 3G/HSPA connected devices

Date: Wed, 03/11/2009 - 20:15

Gemalto partners with Option to deliver remote management over the internet of 3G/HSPA USB modems for mobile operators
Gemalto deploys innovative solution for the management of 3G/HSPA connected devices Gemalto at MWC 2009

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces the next step in its strategy to manage all connected devices remotely, with the combination of its Smart Device Management Center (SDMC) service offer and the 3G/HSPA USB modem from Option.  This universal solution provides a means for operators to conveniently deploy their mobile services on the PC environments of their subscribers, via a 3G/HSPA USB modem, and remotely update them over the mobile broadband internet connection. The SDMC can also deliver automatic USB modem firmware updates in a manner which is completely invisible to the user.
Gemalto has already deployed the SDMC with one of France’s leading operators. This service is operated by Gemalto on behalf of its MNO customers.  The second phase announced today enables the remote management of 3G/HSPA USB modems via the SDMC software on board.
This service has been developed in response to mobile operators’ needs to deliver firmware updates to 3G/HSPA USB modems when their networks are upgraded to a higher version of HSPA.  It also meets their marketing needs to be able to monitor and track usage of the different software applications installed on the USB modem.
A universal solution for the remote management of smart connected devices Over The Internet (OTI), the SDMC enables Gemalto to efficiently manage the life cycle of wire line and wireless connected devices on the operator’s behalf. This includes data provisioning and activation, segmentation, and all administration and updates required to handle the evolution of an operator’s PC services environment.  This service will be extended to Mobile Internet Devices and 3G laptops.
“Addressing 3G+ USB modems via the SDMC is a new step for Gemalto,” said Michel Canitrot, Senior Vice President, UpTeq Innovations, Gemalto. “We have proven our leadership in managing products and solutions via Over The Air platforms and this is the first time we have deployed a remote management system using an internet bearer. The SDMC goes further in helping mobile operators manage their applications in connected devices and we will continue to enrich its capabilities. We were really pleased to partner with Option, a renowned modem maker within the European market place”.
“Gemalto’s SDMC and our USB modems combined give mobile operators an exciting new platform for the creation and delivery of revenue enhancing services,” said Patrick Hofkens, Vice President Strategic Alliances, Option.  “We look forward to working with our customers to extend remote device management into mobile internet devices and laptops with embedded HSPA connectivity. Applications and services that are relevant to the mobile community will increase the appeal of these devices both to the mobile operators and their end-users.”

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