Hutchison Global Communications first to deploy Infinera for mobile fronthaul across Hong Kong

Date: Wed, 03/09/2016 - 11:59 Source: Infinera

Infinera, provider of Intelligent Transport Networks, and Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC), the fixed-line division of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited, announced the deployment of the Infinera TM-Series Mobile Fronthaul Solution across HGC’s optical network in Hong Kong

Hutchison Global Communications first to deploy Infinera for mobile fronthaul across Hong Kong

Andrew Bond-Webster, vice president, regional sales APAC, Infinera

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The TM-Series Mobile Fronthaul Solution is a leader in this emerging fronthaul market, boasting low latency, superior synchronization, low power consumption and high density. It will allow HGC to provide mobile operators with high capacity active mobile fronthaul services within the Hong Kong region.
HGC owns an extensive fiber-optic network in Hong Kong and provides a broad set of communications services based on a commitment to innovative application of the latest technologies. HGC’s four cross-border routes integrated three of mainland China’s tier-one telecommunications operators with a world-class international network. This allows HGC to provide a comprehensive range of fixed-line telecommunications services locally and overseas, meeting the needs of international and local carriers, data centers, corporate businesses and residential broadband services.
The rapid deployment of 3G and 4G, along with the unrelenting growth of video, social media and cloud applications accessed via smart phones and tablets, is creating the need for more bandwidth to the cell tower. Mobile operators like HGC’s sister company 3 Hong Kong are transforming their networks by driving fiber to the cell tower and moving to a centralized or cloud-RAN (Radio Access Network) architecture using Infinera’s groundbreaking TM-Series Mobile Fronthaul Solution. This new fronthaul architecture prepares HGC and its mobile operator customers not only for growth of 3G and 4G but also for a smooth transition to 5G services.
The Infinera TM-Series Mobile Fronthaul Solution supports all of the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) and Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) rates, with HGC’s initial services in Hong Kong ranging from 2.5 gigabits per second (Gb/s) to 10 Gb/s. HGC’s deployment of the transponder-based active option of the Infinera Mobile Fronthaul Solution provides mobile fronthaul services featuring high bandwidth and low latency with superior synchronization performance. With these services, HGC’s customers can reduce their operating expenses while improving RAN performance.
“We considered the mobile fronthaul solutions in the market and concluded that the Infinera TM-Series solution best enables HGC to deliver massive bandwidth with low latency, while being adaptive to the evolution of mobile technology,” said Byron Chiang, Chief Technology Officer of HGC. “The Infinera team was highly responsive, able to deliver quickly and implement services required by us.”
“We applaud HGC’s deployment of the TM-Series for mobile fronthaul, leading what we expect to be global adoption of this technology,” said Andrew Bond-Webster, vice president, regional sales APAC. “With this deployment HGC has transformed its mobile transport architecture and positioned themselves and their customers to effectively manage the tremendous growth of mobile data that should continue for the next several years.”

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