AcCells to deliver a breakthrough contactless technology

Date: Tue, 03/24/2009 - 21:55

AcCells' technology will allow cellular users to be automatically identified by presenting any standard mobile phone at the Point of Sale (POS), connected by the standard cellular network with no need for any special infrastructure

AcCells to deliver a breakthrough contactless technology

AcCells, a developer of contactless technology for the mobile phone industry, today announced its new technology designed to meet market needs and provide cost effectiveness for mobile payment applications including point of sale (POS) mobile payment and mobile money transfer (MMT).
"Since the start of mobile industry, it has been anticipated that mobile units will become a new form of personal identification, replacing today’s ID cards. Through the years, many lucrative applications have been developed using the mobile phone for commercial (M-Commerce) purposes as well as for personal identification" said Eduardo Shoval, AcCells CEO. "None of these commercial /identification applications have succeeded to date. These applications have failed because the current solutions lack simplicity and standardization. Moreover, they are too complicated for deployment and raise security issues."
AcCells' mobile identification device (mID) enables recognition of any type or technology of cellular handset. It is placed at the POS, and acts as a sterilized base station (monocell) as part of the cellular network itself. AcCells' system also includes a server (IN/CAMEL integrated), which is placed at the mobile network operator and/or value added services Providers. AcCells' solution offers an innovative way to resolve the inherent problems facing the current GSMA initiative and, as a result, to achieve the excepted market growth:
• AcCells utilizes the accepted cellular network standard – there is no need to establish a new dedicated standard for mobile payment.
• AcCells utilizes the existing high secured handset identification, authentication and the regular encrypted processes at the cellular network.
• AcCells utilizes the existing cellular network deployed worldwide, with no need for a new communication network.
• AcCells utilizes the regular handsets used by 4 billion mobile users - no need for handset upgrades or instructions for the end user. The handset just needs to be presented to the POS and it will be automatically identified.

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