Astellia extends its offer for mobile network optimization to automatic diagnosis

Date: Mon, 02/23/2009 - 14:41

Astellia, leading provider of Quality of Service and performance monitoring solutions for mobile networks, announces the launch of T&A Xpert, the market’s leading expert system for automatic diagnosis and optimization

Astellia extends its offer for mobile network optimization to automatic diagnosis

Astellia also presented Trending & Aggregation now converging both OMC counters and probe-based monitoring data within a single web-based application.
Available as an extension to the Trending & Aggregation (T&A) application, T&A Xpert is a rule-based expert system developed from Orange Labs technology. The new application correlates data from monitoring KPIs, OMC (O) counters and alarms. Xpert automatically diagnoses complex problems occurring on the network, analyzes root causes and recommends corrective actions. Xpert is already being used by a major European operator.
“There has been a fast growing interest among operators in automating problem investigation and optimization for the last 3 years. Using the unique T&A Xpert system, they will now be able to considerably reduce problem analysis time, share best practices enterprise-wide and increase revenue through top Quality of Experience.”, says Emmanuel Audousset, VP Sales & Marketing at Astellia.
“With T&A Xpert, Astellia has achieved a major milestone. We are strengthening our position as a leading provider of innovative solutions for mobile network optimization and troubleshooting”.
The Astellia Trending & Aggregation KPI trend analysis application converges OMC counters and monitoring data. Data captured using Ocean probes and processed by Cigale engines is aggregated from cell level to a consolidated view per network element, region or network. The application is currently used by many operators worldwide. It provides them with both network-wide performance visibility and insight into the level of quality perceived by their subscribers for data services such as video streaming, MMS and Internet.
From high level views of their network provided by T&A, engineers can easily identify quality-threatening events and investigate them down to cell level. With this new version, Astellia delivers a centralized solution that is ideal to improve fast evolving network performance, provide better service quality and ensure lower operational costs.

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