Spirent puts mobile Internet perfomance to the test

Date: Fri, 02/18/2011 - 19:07

Next-Generation architecture tests performance of cloud data centers, mobile broadband and application experience
Spirent puts mobile Internet perfomance to the test Jeff Schmitz, vice president, Networks & Applications group at Spirent, at NetEvents EMEA Press Summit, Barcelona 

Smartphones and tablets are re-defining the mobile Internet. This disruptive trend, characterized by content and device mobility, raises a pressing yet unresolved issue - are networks ready to support the performance and reliability requirements of advanced services? To help carriers and equipment vendors test the most demanding data and application workloads on the mobile Internet, Spirent introduces Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics neXt.
Networks have to be prepared to handle complex, traffic from millions of mobile and fixed subscribers using a myriad of connected devices, while delivering a high quality of service (QoS) and subscriber quality of experience (QoE). For example, FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games and other major world events can cause a huge pulse in video streaming and multimedia applications to mobile devices. With Spirent HyperMetrics neXt, carriers can test a network’s ability to deliver these services to millions of subscribers, without service disruptions or quality issues.
“As carriers prepare for the exponential growth in traffic across the mobile Internet they have to guarantee enough data capacity as well as application performance” said David Emberley, research manager, Telecommunication Infrastructure at IDC. “Carriers and equipment vendors need to invest in solutions that validate performance and scale of the mobile Internet to ensure quality of experience”
HyperMetrics neXt, powered by Intel’s latest processor technology combined with Spirent TestCenter Cloud Core™ architecture, is the highest-performing and most scalable and energy efficient solution available for testing networks and applications. It allows test engineers to validate support for more advanced services for more subscribers, to maximize return on investment and utilization of test resources, and to expand test coverage without expanding test equipment footprint.
The Cloud Core™ architecture is central to the HyperMetrics neXt’s advanced capabilities. It utilizes native elastic computing to optimize testing tasks with parallel processing, including pooling resources across any number of test ports. Tests beds built on the Cloud Core architecture provide an exceptional combination of scalable performance and realism, and are ideal for testing the most complex converged IP systems, such as cloud data centers and 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks.
“Applications such as Facebook, YouTube as well as streaming videos can have a major impact on the mobile Internet.” said Jeff Schmitz, vice president, Networks & Applications group at Spirent. “To deliver these services, carriers need to ensure performance from the cloud data center, through the mobile broadband network to the application on a wide range of user devices. Spirent’s new solution is specifically designed to accurately measure performance of the mobile Internet with realism at scale.”

HyperMetrics neXt is fully compatible with existing HyperMetrics and the original Spirent TestCenter modules, by leveraging the flexible and future-proof Spirent TestCenter platform which was introduced in 2007. Compared to traditional high-end performance test modules, HyperMetrics neXt delivers:
• Twice the application encryption performance per module to match the most demanding security testing needs 
• Three times the test coverage, enabling testing of cloud data centers, any-G mobile networks and stateful applications on a single module 
• Four times the port density with half the power consumption, minimizing the need for additional space and with the power to scale to 1.92 terabits in a single chassis 
• Eight times the performance with line rate data, routing emulation scale and stateful application traffic on all ports.


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