Paragon Software Group releases SlovoEd 7.0 ‘talking’ explanatory and bilingual electronic dictionaries

Date: Fri, 07/17/2009 - 13:56

Instant translation from any document, e-mail or Web article at the point of a cursor. The most updated modern vocabulary from the world’s top publishing houses. Search in any grammatical form, etymology and morphology features, usage samples, and multiple learning tools

Paragon Software Group releases SlovoEd 7.0 ‘talking’ explanatory and bilingual electronic dictionaries

Paragon Software Group, the world’s leading software developer for mobile devices and desktop PCs, has launched the SlovoEd 7.0 series of multilingual dictionaries for Windows XP/Vista/2000 PC users. The new version of SlovoEd has been completely redesigned and now includes 24 additional dictionaries.
These include German dictionaries from PONS GmbH, the English-French edition from Harrap, Turkish dictionaries from Mehmet Yuksel, Millennium’s Czech dictionaries, Swedish bilingual dictionaries from Peter Bondesson, along with 16 additional European languages. This dictionary line contains the most up-to-date content in complete accordance with the original sources. There is no need to turn pages of imposing volumes to find the necessary word. The original dictionaries from the world’s top publishers were adapted to the electronic versions for PC users’ convenience to provide extensive translation or word definition by simply pointing the cursor over the word in question.
Unknown words from any document, e-mail and web-page are defined instantly, appearing in the dictionary's pop-up window. The detailed word definitions are accompanied by usage and sound samples, transcription, grammar information, and color markup. Every dictionary contains the most updated modern vocabulary from a variety of areas such as the Internet, new media, technology and science. The user can also listen to the correct pronunciation.

Features include:
•       Authoritative word definition without leaving the active
application and switching to the dictionary. Read e-mails, documents, and Web pages from your PC and get word translations by simply pointing the cursor over the unknown word.
•       Word search in any grammatical form (plural nouns, adjectives,
different verb forms) using built-in morphology module (available for English, Russian, French and Spanish).
•       Sound modules: listen to the correct word pronunciation
pre-recorded by English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish native speakers.
•       Instant grammar reference for every word in the dictionary.
•       IntraArticle Search allows the user to search definitions
within the dictionary article.
•       “Search history” and “bookmarks.”
•       “Flash Cards” learning function to check user’s knowledge
•       “Fuzzy search” and wildcards ("*", "?", etc.) help find words
even if you do not remember the exact spelling.
•       “SlovoEd Online Update” informs about new available updates.
•       The built-in online dictionary catalog lets users to discover
new dictionaries and download them directly from the program.
•       On-screen Virtual keyboard includes different layouts, which
enable to enter and translate words and phrases in more than 20 world languages.
•       Lists of irregular verbs (available in English and German
•       Translation language direction is changed automatically
depending on the language input on user’s PC.
•       New translations and meanings may be added to create personal

SlovoEd 7.0 dictionaries come in three editions:
SlovoEd Deluxe offers the most comprehensive and detailed content with usage and sound samples, synonyms and antonyms, references and transcriptions, as well as other important linguistic information. It easily meets needs of professional linguists, translators and advanced language learners.
SlovoEd Classic’s dictionary articles contain the most frequently used references and are sufficient to assist in business, travel and study.
SlovoEd Compact contains the most common and basic translations with clear, concise definitions. It occupies minimal memory space on your device and can be useful for language introduction during a journey abroad or the user’s reading translation needs.

Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 32/64 bits operating systems.

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