QuesCom launches its new cluster Solution

Date: Wed, 02/04/2009 - 14:15

QuesCom enables large accounts to benefit from cost savings and mobility features while ensuring continuity of service

QuesCom, leader on the Fixed Mobile Convergence market, launches its new Cluster Solution for QuesCom gateways. The cluster strongly improves the scalability, the security and the flexibility of the QuesCom architecture.
QuesCom Enterprise One Number delivered through QuesCom gateways optimizes availability for fixed and mobile calls as well as fax to email. The solution enables one to be reachable at any time with a single number. Employees can benefit from the corporate features on their mobile phones. The company is making cost savings thanks to convergence.

Simplified deployment for more than 10 000 users
The QuesCom Cluster Solution eases the deployment of QuesCom gateways for large account customers.  New devices are simply deployed and administrated thanks to a centralized architecture.
Businesses as large accounts can quickly increase the number of users and resources according to their needs with ease. The solution can be deployed up to several thousands of users.
“This solution answers our customers demand for security and flexibility.” explained Vincent BRAULT, Director Marketing at QuesCom. “The solution, already deployed for several customers in Europe, will satisfy the needs of large accounts requesting such a level of service continuity.”

Avoiding a single point of failure
Moreover, the QuesCom Cluster Solution provides high availability architecture by enabling to maintain all services available even in case of failure of one of the pool of gateways. (N+1 architecture)
In cluster mode, each gateway runs in stand-alone, this means completely autonomous and can replace any other failed gateway. The Quality of Service is guaranteed. Stephan Malric, Product Manager at QuesCom, added “Because Fax and Mobility services are critical for business, the QuesCom Cluster was the must-have solution for our customers.”
The QuesCom Cluster Solution will be available the first quarter of 2009 and is compatible with the range of QuesCom 300 and QuesCom 400 gateways.

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