ERCOM launches UE Mobipass®-emulator to improve LTE networks go-to-market

Date: Mon, 12/28/2009 - 14:28

Following the success of eNodeB Mobipass®-tester deployed on more than 70 LTE tests platforms over the world, ERCOM introduces the UE Mobipass®-emulator for massive multiusers emulation. This new product is dedicated to LTE chipset manufacturers, LTE equipment providers and mobile operators

ERCOM launches UE Mobipass®-emulator to improve LTE networks go-to-market

The LTE standard is a major technological innovation over previous 2G and 3G networks. LTE providers face today the challenge of deploying operational networks in 2010. It implies the need of simulating real life environment with multiple LTE user equipments (UEs) and heavy traffic applications.
QoS assessment and spectral efficiency remain major concerns. They require new tools specifically designed for high capacity over radio interface and packet oriented transmission scheme.

“UE Mobipass® emulator” by Ercom offers key features for comprehensive eNodeB testing:

· Massive Multi-UEs emulation over RF (up to 1000 UEs in one chassis)
· Real-time emulation with UE independent context
· Embedded radio channel emulator to simulate various radio quality environments
· Support of multiple cells connections and handover
· Innovative always-on trace technology
· Flexible telecom stack configuration
· Graphical "Call Profile definition" for load test scenario including traffic generator for applications (Htpp, FTP, VoIP, Web…)
· Analysis and decoding tools for all LTE protocols.

With this new product, LTE stakeholders can now assess the performance of their network equipments with thousands of UEs.
“UE Mobipass® emulator” is designed for mobile operators, eNodeB vendors, LTE chipset manufacturers, and LTE subsystem providers.


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