Drilling for extra profits from GSM radio networks with Astellia Cigale Abis

Date: Mon, 01/04/2010 - 18:29

Astellia extends its GSM solution with the Abis monitoring for radio optimization and troubleshooting. The Cigale Abis application helps operators check that their 2G network is fine-tuned to carry thousands of calls and SMS messages

Drilling for extra profits from GSM radio networks with Astellia Cigale Abis

Music festivals, sporting competitions or strategic sites such as airports attract thousands of people who need to use voice and SMS services at any time and from anywhere.
“In 80% of cases, network issues are related to radio access. If they are not identified and solved rapidly, they result in revenue leakage, bad brand image and high customer churn.” says Gérard Erabit, Marketing Director at Astellia.
“This is where Astellia intervenes with its Cigale Abis application. Based on Astellia probes that capture signaling data, Cigale Abis analyzes subscribers’ real traffic. The Abis interface is the ideal place to analyze precisely what users really experience in a targeted geographical area.”
Cigale Abis provides engineers with key performance indicators (KPIs) and radio metrics distribution to optimize radio coverage and fine-tune frequency plans.
Cigale Abis is of great help in integrating new 2G sites and ensuring smooth network equipment swaps and upgrades. It is a more reliable and cheaper alternative for drive test campaigns with costs reduced by more than 50% in most cases.
Demanding high-value customers such as corporate fleets and VIPs require contracts guaranteed by SLAs. In order to create a competitive edge and avoid penalty payments, operators must be ready to identify, analyze and troubleshoot complex radio GSM issues in record time. In case of failed calls, traditional investigation methods based on OMC statistics and drive tests are time-consuming and not sufficient for precise analysis.
Using Cigale Abis, engineers can trace and troubleshoot any individual communication down to radio level and analyze problems linked to handover failures, coverage holes, radio disconnections, interferences, congestion and defective equipment.


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