Jott partners with Voxbone to launch voicemail-to-text conversion service

Date: Sun, 02/15/2009 - 20:10

Jott’s customers forward their unanswered wireless calls to Voxbone DIDs, which relay them to Jott’s acclaimed Voice-to-Text Transcription Service
Jott partners with Voxbone to launch voicemail-to-text conversion service

Voxbone announced that it has been chosen by Jott, a leader in mobile voice-to-text applications, to enable Jott’s new voicemail-to-text conversion service, Jott Voicemail. The service saves customers time by allowing them to read (or skip) messages as e-mails or SMS messages, rather than having to listen to them, one by one. Jott Voicemail is compatible with all major U.S. mobile operators and a growing number of smaller operators.
Jott Voicemail works by making it possible for cell-phone users to forward unanswered calls to Jott (Voxbone) DID numbers, instead of defaulting to carrier voicemail. Voxbone routes the call over its managed IP network to Jott’s application servers. Jott’s voice-to-text technology takes over, first recording a message and then turning the recorded voice into text, which is then delivered as an SMS or e-mail. Jott also makes the audio file available online and via a call-in number like traditional voicemail.
Jott’s preexisting services are outbound variations on its core voice-to-text capability, allowing customers to dictate e-mails, reminders, brainstorms, Google and Outlook calendar appointments, tasks, Twitter and Facebook status updates, and other types of messages over the phone. Customers receive the messages as e-mails, text messages, or see them online in the place of typically keyboard-entered items.
“Jott Voicemail is something our customers have requested, as they've come to expect the high quality transcription we offer with our flagship service," said John Pollard, Jott’s CEO.
While as an outbound service, Jott can be reached by all customers with a single published phone number, the inbound voicemail depends upon assigning separate DIDs to each user. For this quantity of numbers, Jott chose to work directly with Voxbone.
”Voxbone has a simple API and a flexible infrastructure for allocating phone numbers in different geographies,” noted Pollard in explaining Jott’s choice of provider. “In addition, Voxbone already works well with our current application service providers,” those being providers of core IVR (interactive voice response) and recording functions.
“Most important,” Pollard added, “the quality of the voice files Voxbone delivers is crucial here, since the best possible audio is needed to perform both automated and human-assisted transcription.”

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