DeviceAnywhere empowers mobile media and entertainment community with best in class mobile application testing solutions

Date: Fri, 07/10/2009 - 13:49

DeviceAnywhere , the industry leader in end-to-end mobile application testing and development, is working with leading mobile entertainment companies to enrich the end-user experience across the mobile community. Taptu, the leading mobile search engine, Twistbox Entertainment, a top games developer, and Velti, a mobile marketing and advertising platform provider are using the award-winning DeviceAnywhere service to bring their mobile entertainment applications and content to market faster and more efficiently than ever before

DeviceAnywhere empowers mobile media and entertainment community with best in class mobile application testing solutions DeviceAnywhere at HIT Barcelona 2009

DeviceAnywhere's comprehensive testing and development solutions cater to all mobile developer's testing and development needs; from mobile website and web-based development tools, access to the largest selection of mobile devices available for testing, as well as the access to a global network of carriers and service providers.
Taptu is an award-winning pure-play mobile search engine that provides quick access to relevant mobile content that can be easily shared with family and friends. Bob Last, SVP Business at Taptu stated: "The Taptu search engine is a made for mobile service where the end-user experience is key. The DeviceAnywhere service has allowed us to ensure the Taptu service works across a range of devices and networks. We can test device interaction as well as search engine results, to ensure our users are receiving a quality mobile experience."
Twistbox Entertainment develops a wide-variety of mobile games and content that cater to all types of consumers. "Twistbox Entertainment's content and games must be available for any consumer. DeviceAnywhere's wide selection of mobile devices gives us the ability to produce games that are portable to any device, regardless of operating system, manufacturer, or carrier. Through DeviceAnywhere we are able to maximize our consumer reach," explained Michael Steuer, VP of Games from Twistbox Entertainment.
Velti uses its advanced digital media platform to provide a wide variety of customers with creative mobile advertising and marketing campaigns. The company's Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) can manage mobile, and other digital media activities, from the planning stages, through to execution and reporting. Velti's CEO, Alex Moukas added, "Due to our global customer ecosystem of brands, agencies and operators, it is imperative that we have easy access to carrier networks all over the world. To this end DeviceAnywhere was the best choice for our testing as it allowed us to conduct worldwide trials from a central location using its remote access platform."
DeviceAnywhere's testing service supports any mobile entertainment application or content testing, whether web-based or device-based, through any of DeviceAnywhere's 2000+ devices, available on over 30 carriers connected to live global networks - all remotely accessible over the internet.
"Market data predicts that mobile media and entertainment will represent an eighth of the total data revenue by 2012. Any organization seeking to offer entertainment media on a mobile platform will recognize that delivering, reliable, compelling content to market in a cost-effective manner will be fundamental to its success," said Faraz Syed, CEO and Co-Founder of DeviceAnywhere. Entertainment represents a core vertical market for DeviceAnywhere and we are committed to supporting market leading companies such as Taptu, Twistbox and Velti - all of which have realized the advantage of reducing development time, minimizing costs associated with mobile application testing to ultimately ensure the best quality end-user experience."

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