Anite leads the way in LTE conformance certification

Date: Wed, 12/29/2010 - 17:00

Anite announces that the Anite Conformance Toolset is the first and only LTE protocol conformance testing solution to be approved by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) for the certification of LTE Band 13 & 20 devices

Anite leads the way in LTE conformance certification

This has particular relevance to device manufacturers wishing to service the growing North American and European markets. Anite is also immediately able to support all of the TDD LTE protocol test cases required for the imminent launch of GCF certification across Asian frequency bands.
Anite is now the only test equipment vendor to meet the industry’s stringent test coverage requirements for LTE protocol testing across LTE bands 13 & 20 and TDD LTE bands 38 & 40.
“In order to maintain consumer expectations of next generation LTE wireless devices it is essential that device manufacturers are able to rigorously test prior to launching their products,” said Paul Beaver, Anite’s 3GPP Business Unit Director. “Anite, the global leader in testing technology for the wireless industry, is the first test equipment vendor to have both FDD and TDD LTE test cases approved by GCF.”
North American & European mobile operators have driven LTE technology forward at breakneck speed and Anite has beaten the challenge thrown down, leading the way as the premier solution and respected industry experts for device manufacturers wishing to launch new LTE products.


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