New LTE products and solutions from Anritsu

Date: Tue, 04/14/2009 - 13:16

Anritsu presented those products at MWC 2009
New LTE products and solutions from Anritsu MD8430A LTE Base Station Simulator

MD8430A LTE Base Station Simulator Rollout
Anritsu is taking orders for its MD8430A Base Station Simulator supporting the 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard from December 18, 2008. LTE is the next generation of the popular W-CDMA/HSPA mobile technology used worldwide and commercial LTE services are expected to start from Year 2010 to 2011. LTE uses new wireless technologies, such as OFDMA and MIMO, to support at least 10 times faster data communication services. The first MD8430A rollout in September 2008 supported 3GPP specifications with data download speeds of faster than 100 Mbps and 2x2MIMO tests, and when combined with the MD8480C, one MD8430A will soon support GSM to W-CDMA handover tests as well as 2x2MIMO handover tests. In addition, Layer-3 messages can be created using TTCN3 and a GUI, and the soon-to-be released PTS and RTD software will support easy configuration of an automatic test environment incorporating a full line of analysis functions for efficient testing and fast development of LTE protocols. Supporting these latest 3GPP specifications is easy through a firmware upgrade to the MD8430A.
By offering tailored 3G test solutions to operators and vendors of mobile terminals, chipsets, and base stations, Anritsu is now a world leader in W-CDMA/HSPA development. To assure LTE service quality and efficient product development, Anritsu is a proactive member of 3GPP and NGMN. Following rollout of the popular signal generator and signal analyzer supporting LTE wireless TRx tests, the 2009 roadmap includes release of PTS and RTD software supporting LTE, a fading simulator, UE simulator, and RF/protocol conformance test system, as well as extending MD8430A support for TDD.
Anritsu will continue developing solutions tailored to customers’ needs and assuring early commercialization of LTE services based on its leading position in 3G technologies.

MF6900A Fading Simulator with MIMO functions
Anritsu Corporation is releasing its MF6900A Fading Simulator with MIMO functions as a part of the 3GPP LTE test solution portfolio. This solution will provide leading edge capability to designers of LTE terminals to help verify MIMO implementations, and to ensure the high data rate capabilities of 3GPP LTE are correctly realized in commercial devices.
MIMO is a key LTE technology for enabling high-speed wireless communications. It uses space multiplexing to transmit and receive over multiple antennas; transmission speeds can be increase in proportion to the number of antennas used.
When implementing MIMO into LTE terminals, the technology issues faced by terminal and chipset vendors require testing of throughput in a real radio-propagation environment that includes fading and multi-paths. As a result, vendors need to emulate a fading environment to perform non-RF protocol and performance tests.
When combined with the MD8430A LTE Base Station Simulator, the MF6900A uses full digital processing to meet this need by outputting an LTE multi-path fading profile that faithfully emulates 2x2MIMO, SISO, SIMO and MISO environments. In addition, close integration between the MF6900A and MD8430A offers a user-friendly set-up even for operators with no experience of complex fading test environments. The MF6900A is also designed to support WCDMA for both MIMO and inter-system handover tests, which is planned as a future software release.

MD8435A LTE UE Simulator for testing of LTE Base Stations and networks
Anritsu Corporation is introducing its new MD8435A LTE UE Simulator for testing of LTE Basestations and networks. The product is supporting the 3GPP standards for LTE, and provides a powerful test and simulation environment to verify the correct operation and performance of LTE network hardware as it is being delivered and tested into trial networks.
The new LTE UE Simulator application supports the 3GPP LTE standards and offers a flexible testing tool for BaseStation vendors and network operators rolling-out LTE in 2010 and 2011. It offers easy protocol sequence testing, detailed L1/L2 tests, plus 3GPP base-station performance tests including MIMO operation. In addition, it simplifies the complex testing area of error insertion tests, as well as 150Mbps throughput tests. Network operators can pre-verify protocol sequence evaluations and fault sequence checks before taking delivery of mobile terminals.
Anritsu’s new LTE test solution helps assure early rollout of high-quality LTE services. Anritsu has previously developed its popular W-CDMA UE simulator and W-CDMA RNC simulator for BaseStation vendors, demonstrating its technical strengths in the femtocell R&D and W-CDMA base-station maintenance markets.

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