ERCOM to introduce 4G tester supporting more than 1000 UEs

Date: Wed, 04/22/2009 - 14:43

Within one year, ERCOM has become one of the major LTE test leader and is recognized as the best challenger in this promising test field market. Success is already there: more than 40 LTE eNodeB platforms are tested with Mobipass!

ERCOM to introduce 4G tester supporting more than 1000 UEs

With more than ten years experience in wireless network test and validation including load test in 2G and 3G, ERCOM has developed a strong expertise in the functional and load test for wireless networks equipments.
ERCOM had this vision 2 years ago: build and deliver a system able to emulate all the LTE eNodeB interfaces up to 1.2Gbps and 1024UEs with one test system combining functional and load test.
All the ERCOM development strategy is based on standard elements. The Mobipass architecture is cluster PC blade center based, and on the software side TTCN-3 and Wireshark based. ERCOM is concentrated on the LTE protocols and test applications development. The big challenge is to provide a comprehensive test system mixing load tests experience and RF know-how. For this ERCOM has setup and dedicated experts teams for the radio and
the protocols stacks.
Today, ERCOM is increasing its product range with the addition of a new ERCOM CPRI-based UE-emulation module and a new RF-based UE-emulation module for its LTE eNodeB “Mobipass” test system dedicated mostly for load test.
The new CPRI-based module is able to emulate up to 256 UES. The Mobipass cluster technology is offering emulation up to 1024 UES over air interface in one 9U chassis!

About Mobipass
“Mobipass” tester is supporting sub-system and full-system test with functional and load test scenario based on emulation of all LTE eNodeB interfaces including new ERCOM CPRI-based UE-emulation module and RF-based UEemulation module.

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