Tektronix Communications introduces K2Air for monitoring LTE networks

Date: Tue, 03/31/2009 - 14:06

New solution completes LTE test portfolio for network equipment manufacturers and network operators
Tektronix Communications introduces K2Air for monitoring LTE networks Tektronix stand at MWC Barcelona 2009

Tektronix Communications, a leading worldwide provider of communications monitoring and test solutions, announced at Mobile World Congress the availability of K2Air, a new monitoring system supporting LTE networks with Uu Interface monitoring capabilities. K2Air, which collects data via digital RF interfaces e.g. CPRI, completes Tektronix Communications' portfolio of test, monitoring and optimization solutions for LTE operators and network equipment manufacturers.
The K2Air probe provides deep dive insight into air interface performance and key eNodeB functionality that cannot be monitored on the LTE wireline interfaces. The probe is fully integrated with Tektronix Communications' protocol monitoring solutions for performance test and monitoring in lab verification and live network-troubleshooting environments; it provides seamless, fully correlated LTE wireless and wireline monitoring.
The K2Air probe supports promiscuous mode uplink and downlink monitoring of up to 300 UEs in parallel on the air interface in real time. It correlates this information with data on fixed LTE as well as legacy 2G and 3G interfaces, allowing end-to-end monitoring of network and network element performance. The high-load real-time capabilities of the K2Air probe, combined with the end-to-end monitoring capabilities offered by the NSA performance monitoring solution, provides clear advantages over other solutions currently available in the market that typically support data capture for only very short periods or provide detailed insight into only a single interface. The K2Air probe provides both network equipment manufacturers developing LTE products and network operators trialing and rolling out LTE technology with an effective, objective monitoring solution with the depth and breadth required for efficient LTE testing.
"Despite the impact of the declining global economy, LTE technology development and market progress are accelerating at an increased speed," said Martin Kuerzinger, VP and GM Test & Optimization, Tektronix Communications. "Tektronix Communications strives to provide customers with the most updated, relevant solutions supporting wired and mobile standards, including LTE. Consumers expect the latest services and applications, and therefore it is imperative for network suppliers and operators not only to remain one step ahead, but maintain the highest levels of quality as these new services are commercially deployed."
With existing technologies such as GSM/GPRS and UMTS, considerable information on how the access network is functioning - with critical insight on access issues such as congestion, interference and coverage problems - is available on wireline network interfaces that can be monitored using traditional tools such as Tektronix Communications' Network and Service Analyzer (NSA) suite.
With LTE this picture changes as network access nodes are built to be more intelligent, and the access network control functions move right to the edge of the network to the eNodeB. Critical radio performance information is no longer available on the wireline interfaces between the access and the core part of the network and cannot be used to determine what, if any, issues exist. This means that vendors and operators are being pushed into looking directly into the air interface for information concerning network access performance and service quality and must have the ability to correlate this analysis easily with data related to other network interfaces.
The new K2Air probe will be fully integrated into Tektronix Communications' NSA suite of products.

About K2Air Probe
K2Air, a LTE Uu Interface monitoring platform supporting lab test and live network troubleshooting for LTE networks, is fully integrated into Tektronix Communications'Network and Service Analyzer (NSA). K2Air collects and provides deep dive insight into the Uu interface and key eNodeB functionality no longer available on wireline interfaces. The new probe is designed to integrate the existing protocol monitoring solutions to provide both wireless and wireline monitoring for comprehensive network coverage. It supports both uplink and downlink monitoring on the air interface in real time and correlates this information with the data being passed on the fixed LTE interfaces.

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