Spirent Communications at Mobile World Congress 2013

Date: Wed, 03/13/2013 - 18:17

Spirent showcased its unique portfolio of test solutions for improving the mobile experience, which starts with end-user measurements truly representative of the real world. To meet this need, Spirent’s Fit4Launch and Insights solutions help quantify a device user’s experience of services on live networks, with a testing-as-a-service business model that offers maximum flexibility and cost-efficiency for network operators and their suppliers

Spirent Communications at Mobile World Congress 2013

Nigel Wright, Spirent vice president of Wireless

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With an array of mobile devices and a mind-boggling number of applications to choose from, the last thing today’s subscribers want to deal with is a sub-par user experience as a result of poor service quality or an improperly functioning device. To truly deliver on the promise of mobile broadband services—including location based services, video, VoLTE and more—every element end to end including the devices, mobile infrastructure, and mobile core must be tested in a way that anticipates the full scope of user scenarios.
Spirent applies the same tools used to measure performance on live networks to its lab-based solutions for testing devices, infrastructure and the core network. By enabling end-to-end measurement of the service experience, this unique range of capabilities makes Spirent the leader in test solutions that span the entire wireless ecosystem, critical to ensuring the successful rollout of complex new services such as VoLTE, where challenges can lie at almost any point in the network, from the device to the core.

Live2Lab brings unprecedented realism in testing the mobile experience to the lab
Spirent Communications announced at Mobile World Congress 2013 its new Live2Lab portfolio of test solutions. With Live2Lab, end-user mobile experience can be assessed in a more realistic and predictive way than has previously been possible in a lab environment, allowing mobile device and wireless infrastructure performance issues to be consistently reproduced and diagnosed prior to commercial deployment.
Leveraging assets from its acquisition of Metrico Wireless in 2012, Spirent’s service experience measurement tools such as Datum and Nomad are at the heart of the Live2Lab solutions. These tools are available as stand-alone solutions or as part of Fit4Launch and Insights services for benchmarking and quantifying the subscriber experience of wireless services. Offering end-to-end measurements for voice quality, call performance, data speed, and multi-service performance, the service experience tools can objectively predict end-user quality of experience on any device, any operating system, on any network around the world.
Live2Lab also offers the capability to replay data captured on live networks, making it possible to execute repeatable tests with a level of realism unprecedented in a lab-based solution. Captured RF environment data is mapped to the Spirent VR5 Spatial Channel Emulator using the Virtual Drive Test Conversion Tool.  The VR5 provides a replay capability for the RF environment, in conjunction with lab-based network infrastructure, or with the Spirent CS8 Mobile Device Tester, which is used to emulate the wireless network.  All of this testing is made easy with Spirent iTest’s Play environment, which automates all test system components, results reporting, and troubleshooting analysis.
“By offering the most realistic solution on the market for device benchmarking, regression testing, and debugging of real-world issues, Live2Lab helps to get technology and services deployed faster and with higher subscriber satisfaction,” said Spirent vice president of Wireless Nigel Wright. “These solutions offer service providers, wireless infrastructure vendors, and device manufacturers a much more effective way to accurately predict end-user experience in the lab – a long-standing industry need.”

Spirent adds support for malware testing with realistic threat assessment
Spirent Communications announced the release of malware testing capabilities on Spirent Studio. With the addition of malware testing, Spirent offers its customers a comprehensive solution to test a range of security issues, including fuzzing, encryption, VPN, signature-based attacks and DDoS threats. Combined with Spirent Avalanche, Studio delivers multi-10 Gbps capacity, security, and performance testing for network and web application infrastructure.
The growth in the BYOD trend changes the mix of traffic on the network and may significantly increase the chances of being attacked by malware, thereby impacting network security and performance. The BYOD trend may result in IT having to cope with users attaching devices with non-standard operating systems, out-of-date patches, missing or unsupported protocols and little or no security software. Notwithstanding all the challenges, IT must still ensure secure and properly functioning enterprise networks and services.
Spirent’s approach to testing malware includes replicating malware binaries being sent through firewalls and IPS/IDS devices as payload over HTTP and FTP transports. It also includes replicating the behavior of infected end devices. This latter step is essential to detecting and eliminating advanced persistent threats that may have embedded themselves inside a protected network. 
“Spirent already offers the widest breadth of security testing capabilities based upon the most realistic events and threats, and this new addition means that our customers can easily include malware in their testing methodologies, giving them protection against the tide of new threats that appear every day,” said Ankur Chadda, Product Marketing Manager at Spirent. “There are tens of millions of pieces of malware out in the world, and smart companies are taking this threat seriously by adhering to best practices and utilizing the very latest in malware testing.”


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