Targeting next-generation mobile radio with LTE: Rohde & Schwarz at Mobile World Congress 2010

Date: Mon, 01/18/2010 - 17:46

Rohde & Schwarz will put its T&M expertise on display in Barcelona with its complete product portfolio for new mobile radio and wireless technologies (hall 1, booth 1D33). Solutions for LTE, HSPA+ and WiMAX are available for both manufacturers and network operators and include everything from the measurements required during RF and protocol development through conformance testing, production and network optimization

Targeting next-generation mobile radio with LTE: Rohde & Schwarz at Mobile World Congress 2010

The company will focus this year on LTE in the FDD and TDD modes of operation. Highlights include the R&S CMW500 wideband radio communication tester with signaling functionality and handover capabilities. Rohde & Schwarz will also showcase its generator and analyzer solutions for LTE base station tests as well as network coverage measurements for LTE, HSPA+ and TETRA.

Simulating mobile radio connections for LTE, WCDMA and GSM
At the Mobile World Congress, Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate a new signaling mode that is now available in the R&S CMW500 for production testing of wireless devices. The wideband radio communication tester first simulates a wireless connection and then performs a range of transmitter and receiver measurements. This innovation makes the R&S CMW500 ideal for both signaling and non-signaling tests. Since both test concepts are used in production, the R&S CMW500 is a safe investment for manufacturers. As a flexible, scalable, multistandard platform, the R&S CMW500 covers all phases in the development of wireless devices.

Ensuring smooth handover between LTE and CDMA2000
Many CDMA2000/1xEV-DO network operators are planning to convert to LTE over the next two years. During the transition phase, it is essential that wireless device handovers function properly between networks that employ different mobile radio technologies. In Barcelona, the R&S CMW500 – as a protocol tester – will demonstrate initial test cases for handovers between LTE, CDMA2000 1xRTT and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO networks.

Testing LTE base stations under fading conditions
To ensure the necessary data throughput, the latest 3GPP specification (TS36.141) requires the testing of transmitter and receiver characteristics as well as receiver performance under fading conditions. To enable users to perform the necessary LTE HARQ and time alignment tests, Rohde & Schwarz offers a flexible one-box solution – the R&S SMU200A signal generator. The generator produces a standard-compliant LTE signal, including the defined channel conditions. In addition, the new R&S SMU-K69 LTE option processes the feedback from the base station and adapts the generated signal in realtime.

Standard-compliant development of LTE chipsets and wireless devices using a single test system
The new R&S TS8980 test system family combined with the R&S CONTEST software platform enables engineers to use a single test system from the very start of development of new LTE chipsets and wireless devices through to conformance testing in line with 3GPP specification 36.521-1. The scalable system performs consistent RF tests throughout the entire development process. Another area of focus involves special test cases for network operators. All system configurations can be upgraded for RRM and data throughput tests. The extremely operator-friendly design of the user interface is beneficial in all applications.

Testing the CPRI™ interface on radio modules (RRH) for LTE/WiMAX
The R&S EX-IQ-Box digital interface module from Rohde & Schwarz makes it possible to use selected instruments for measurements on DUTs over digital I/Q interfaces. In Barcelona, Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate its latest development for testing LTE/WiMAX radio modules (remote radio head, RRH). These RRHs use the CPRI™ digital interface protocol. The R&S EX-IQ-Box acts as a "translator" module between the DUT-specific digital I/Q format (here, CPRI™) and the digital I/Q format used by Rohde & Schwarz T&M equipment. As a result, the entire range of functionality provided by signal generators, analyzers and communications testers can be utilized for precision testing of LTE/WiMAX RRHs.

Analyzing and generating TETRA signals
Rohde & Schwarz also has a strong offering in T&M equipment for professional mobile radio. The company's R&S FSQ high-end spectrum analyzer and R&S SMBV signal generator make an ideal package for measurements in line with Release 2 of the TETRA standard. Developers of TETRA base stations and handsets can use these instruments to test the signal quality of their transmitters and receivers. Drive test solutions such as the R&S TSMW mobile radio scanner support network operators in the setup and optimization of their TETRA networks.


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